Preston Beach Lightning – Cluster of Bolts Ends the Show

After capturing images from Preston Beach, I rechecked the radar on my iPhone and saw an approaching rain storm was nearly upon us.  I quickly moved up to the top of the rock wall and positioned myself behind the old anchor for the last few shots. As the light had faded, I was able to leave the shutter open for much longer exposures and greatly increase my chance of capturing bolts of lightning.  During this exposure, I managed to capture a cluster of bolts situated in the same location and placed perfectly in relation to the old anchor.

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Dawn over Preston Beach

I had another gravestone from Old Burial Hill planned for today's post but yesterday's sunrise and possible UFO sighting pre-empted it.  This is the shot I was taking and during which I captured a possible UFO flying over the ocean.  First, some background: I had first spotted this anchor at Beach Bluff Park several months ago but the sun was rising too far to the east for the composition I had in mind.  On Wednesday morning, I woke at 6:30 and checked the skies and was delighted to see a break at the horizon.  I quickly grabbed my camera and [...]

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