As last week’s post showed, I am a sucker for a good pier and, even better, the pylons that come first.  When I first heard about a new pier being built at Stramski beach, I jotted down the location for a possible shoot.  As soon as the first pylons went in, I started my scouting trips and waited for the day when the pylons would be in (and before cross beams would ruin the image I was after).

On January 29th, I got lucky – pylons in, high tide, calm water, setting sun and just a few clouds in the sky.  I set about climbing the rocks to get the composition I had first envisioned and sat there for 88 seconds waiting to see what would come out.   Needless to say, this came out even better than I had imagined it would.  I raced home and converted this to black and white and felt all the pieces fall into place.  It’s a great feeling to see something pre-visualized come out even better than expected.  Hope you enjoy today’s entry into the growing long exposure project.