Rusted Screw and Weathered Pylon

It's another Experimental Friday entry which takes us back to the pylons that were featured on Tuesday's Long Exposure post.  After getting the composition I had sought for some time, I took the camera off the tripod and decided to play with angles and depth of field.  I noticed this rusted screw in the nearest pylon and decided to make that a focal point with the swirling waves serving as a backdrop.  I opened up the lens to its widest aperture and focused on the screw.  In doing so, the texture of the rust and the patterns on the pylon [...]

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Pylons in the Misty Water

A new location on this Long Exposure Tuesday - the beach at the end of Corn Point Road.  I had found this group of old pylons last Winter but, at the time, the tide was too low for the image that I hoped to capture.  When I revisited the location at high tide a few months later, I was disappointed to see that, yet again, the water failed to reach the level of the close pylons.  So it was with fingers crossed that I drove out again during an astronomical high tide to see if luck might favor the persistent... [...]

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Long Exposure – Pylons in the Harbor

As last week's post showed, I am a sucker for a good pier and, even better, the pylons that come first.  When I first heard about a new pier being built at Stramski beach, I jotted down the location for a possible shoot.  As soon as the first pylons went in, I started my scouting trips and waited for the day when the pylons would be in (and before cross beams would ruin the image I was after). On January 29th, I got lucky - pylons in, high tide, calm water, setting sun and just a few clouds in the [...]

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