Sunflowers in Black and White

Yesterday's post was filled with the vibrant yellows, blues and greens that characterize the sunflower.  Today, I took the same images and converted them to black and white.  This removes the distraction of color and puts texture front and center.  Turns out that sunflowers offer a feast of textures for the eye to behold.  From the fine lines of the petals to the intricate design of their face, there is an incredible amount of detail to take in with these simple shots. So, which do you prefer...color or black and white?  Answer in the comment field below or on the [...]

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Summer’s Last Breath…Sunflowers

I am not a 'flower-guy'.  I could care less about the flowers in our backyard or taking pictures of flowers...with two exceptions - cherry blossoms and sunflowers.  Having lived in Washington, DC, cherry blossoms will be forever linked with the start of Spring and the end of Winter.  Sunflowers, arriving at the end of August, make me feel that Summer still has a few days left...a few more nice warm bright days. I found a great sunflower patch last year and, with the wife and kids away Saturday, I set out to check its status.  I was overjoyed to see [...]

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Long Exposure – Pylons in the Harbor

As last week's post showed, I am a sucker for a good pier and, even better, the pylons that come first.  When I first heard about a new pier being built at Stramski beach, I jotted down the location for a possible shoot.  As soon as the first pylons went in, I started my scouting trips and waited for the day when the pylons would be in (and before cross beams would ruin the image I was after). On January 29th, I got lucky - pylons in, high tide, calm water, setting sun and just a few clouds in the [...]

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