This past Saturday started off with boring blue skies but the weather report promised incoming clouds.  I decided to head out in the hopes of capturing the clouds as they came in and use a long exposure technique to show their movement.  As I drove across the causeway, I noticed sailboats in the harbor and stopped to take a few images of them passing in front of Abbot Hall (come back tomorrow to see that post).  I continued to drive around the Neck exploring possible shots when I happened upon someone I knew on Corinthian Lane.  After chatting with him for a bit, I decided to head down to the beach below and explore the piers.

I started off shooting a distant pier and framed Abbot hall within its structure.  As the clouds became heavier and the sun disappeared, I headed under one of the piers jutting off of the Corinthian Yacht Club.  I put on a special filter to cut down the light and took this image over one minute’s time.

I love how the clouds show some streaks as they move and the sun behind them and the pier shines off the sides of the pier and the water below.  I’m hoping to explore more piers in town before the boats head in for the season.  If you have one you wouldn’t mind sharing, please let me know.