I had gone out last weekend at 8pm to chase some wispy clouds that held promise for a decent sunset.  I realized fairly quickly that the sunset would come faster than expected and I therefore drove down Clifton Avenue and across Atlantic Avenue to get to Surf Street.  This area is just a few blocks from the house and offered the best chance for a sunset shot before the light faded.

I managed a few images of fading light reflected on clouds over an island in the distance.  As I returned to the car, I noticed this shed for the first time. The house’s owner happened to be unloading her car and, when I asked if I could shoot the shed, she said, ‘sure but here’s the shot you really want’. She showed me the spot that she had coined her ‘happy place’. The light was fading fast and I sought to capture the lush grass, the distant waves, that great shed and the reflecting light.

Hope I did justice to her ‘Happy Place’