On Saturday, June 28, I headed out at a little after 6:30pm in hopes of capturing my first solid Summer sunset.  I had gone out on a few occasions over the past few weeks but was disappointed in the lack of strong color in the sky that seems to accompany Summer in Marblehead.

I started off shooting at the Pleon Yacht Club and continued to do so until the sun set.  Seeing the cloud formation gave me an idea for a better vantage point and I drove down to Parker Lane to continue capturing the show.  Within minutes of arriving, the sunset took off with beautiful pinks lighting up the clouds overhead.  This was the sunset I had been waiting/hoping for and served to capture the many reasons why Summer in Marblehead is such a perfect time of year.

The clouds were so expansive at this point, that I ended up needing to switch the camera to a vertical position and captured this image as a 5-shot panorama.  When the computer finished stitching the photos together, the title came quickly – ‘Corker!’

I will feature four more images captured during the hour long build up of color throughout this week.  Stay tuned…