Jeremiah Lee Mansion

Jeremiah Lee Mansion in the Fog

As you may recall, February 11th brought warmth and rain after the Blizzard of 2013 passed and led to some great dense fog at sunset.  I headed out as soon as I could and captured a number of images.  The best part of the fog was the diffusion it caused for the lights along Washington Street in Old Town.  One of my first images was of the Jeremiah Lee Mansion.  I knew that I would end up processing this image in black and white and there was something about the grate in the street that drew my eye.  I decided [...]

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Long Exposure – Jeremiah Lee Mansion

A long exposure image on this Tuesday morning finds the Jeremiah Lee Mansion from an incredibly windy day in late March.  This is a 25 second exposure and the long exposure with the incredible wind made for some great effects in the clouds racing overhead.  There were few other people or cars on the street making this a somewhat eerie scene.

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Spring Comes to Marblehead

Having lived in DC for some time, Spring and cherry blossoms will forever go hand-in-hand.  It was with that in mind that I sought cherry blossoms throughout Marblehead over the past week.  I was fortunate to find the tree above at peak bloom while walking down Washington Street on a foggy day. Below are shots taken under better conditions featuring more cherry blossoms with Abbot Hall and the Lee Mansion as backdrops.