Break of Dawn at Lovis Cove

So this is where I started on Sunday morning during the break of dawn. I stood on Front Street between the Barnacle and a private home looking down at Lovis Cove (also known as 'Screeching Lady beach'). I was pretty happy with my first few images as the sky picked up the color of the rising sun but then decided to walk a bit further down Front Street and lucked out as the sky exploded in color less than 10 minutes later. I mentioned the alternative name for Lovis Cove when i shared the other photo Sunday morning and had [...]

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Blizzard of 2015 – The House at Lovis Cove

All week I'll be sharing photos captured after the Blizzard of 2015 departed Marblehead having left an official total of 24.5" of snow.  Thankfully the cold temperatures resulted in very light snow and very few power outages.  However, the light snow and strong winds led to incredible drifts (I measured a 48" one in our backyard). One of my first stops on Wednesday morning after the storm departed was Lovis Cove to see how this brown house had fared.  I've captured images of the brown house at Lovis Cove at the peak of storms in the past (see below) and [...]

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