The 12:30 Show at the Barnacle

You can always count on a good show at the Barnacle with every Nor'Easter that comes through town and yesterday's showing was no different. The restaurant was full for this well timed 12:30 show and I joined the others gathered to watch the beauty of the ocean's waves crashing against the restaurant. This wasn't the highest waves I've seen from this spot but the clearing skies made for some great light on those awesome waves.

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Ocean Meets the Barnacle

As a Nor'Easter pounds the coast, I am reminded of this image captured in March 2013 during another storm that hit Marblehead.  I ventured out to Lovis Cove at high tide hoping to capture the results from when the ocean meets the Barnacle.  Sure enough, waves crashed against the building sending the surf high up in the air.  I'll be heading out at high tide this morning to see if I can capture new images of the angry ocean.

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The Barnacle

It feels good to be out shooting again!  Today was my first chance to pick up the camera in two weeks.  Headed out about 3pm and wandered around town trying to decide what to shoot.  Headed down State Street (that shot is coming next week...) and ended up driving up Front Street.  When I got to the barnacle, I looked to the right and saw massive waves left over from the recent storms.  They were just starting to recede after the high tide.  I grabbed my gear including a 10-stop filter to let me take very long exposures.  This one [...]

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