Marblehead yacht club

Marblehead Yacht Club

After nine years of capturing images of Marblehead, I had yet to find a good angle for a shot of the Marblehead Yacht Club. When I finished taking shots of the harbor on Sunday night, I turned to find this scene before me. I'm not sure if it was the low tide, the flag flying in the breeze or the light behind the club, but the combination of those and the launch boat made me grab for the camera and capture this shot. You can make out some patrons enjoying dinner on this unofficial last weekend of summer.

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Firing the Cannon at Sunset – Marblehead Yacht Club

On Wednesday, June 5th, I was able to visit the fourth of our yacht clubs and capture this image of the cannon firing at sunset over Marblehead harbor.  I had phoned the Marblehead Yacht Club when the conditions looked good for sunset and received permission to head down and try to capture their cannon firing at sunset.  When I arrived, I introduced myself to the launch driver and designated cannon shooter for the night - Dan.  It dawned on me as I sought out a composition just how different each of the cannons had been.  On this occasion, I had [...]

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