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Keep it Local – Mini Marblehead at the Gerry 5

On December 22nd, the Gerry 5 opened its doors and showed off the great miniaturized town of Marblehead.  I headed down with my kids as we had missed this in years past and we all gazed at the incredible work that lay before us.  There were a half dozen readily recognizable scenes of Marblehead and a train (seen in the background above) to recreate life as it was decades ago.  If you missed this next year, make sure you visit next December.  And look below for two more images from the town.

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The Red House on Hooper Street

Back to the snow of December 30th for this image of a house on Hooper Street.  I've wanted to capture this house for a long time and found myself in front of it as the light rose on December 30th.  I had already photographed State Street and the sunrise from Front Street.  I had made my way to try to capture Old Town with the benefits of the parking ban when I came across the great contrasts here.  The snow along the clapboard panelling and the wreath on the door made for a beautiful scene.  Reading the sign shows that [...]

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Patriotism on Washington Street

During the Festival of Arts weekend that took place not too long ago, I decided to walk down Washington Street to view the exhibit at Old North Church.  As I made my way down (with my camera conveniently draped over my shoulder), I noted the houses displaying flags.  This one was clearly the champion on the block with the long, old flag draping down.  I had to wait for the wind to calm and allow the flag to lay straight before getting this image.  I tried to bring out the detail in the house and flag when processing the image [...]

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Keep it Local – Captn’s Bakery

This week's Keep it Local entry is one of the newer businesses in town - Captn's Bakery on Washington Street.  Captn's Bakery opened in early June at the site of the Sea Gull gift shop.  Since opening their doors, the bakery has been turning out artisans breads, bagels, pastries, cupcakes and always seems crowded (at least every time I pass by).  I actually had to wait a solid 20 minutes for the place to empty out a bit before taking this picture.  It worked out well as the clouds opened up in front of and behind the store so that [...]

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Keep it Local – The Paris Galerie

It's Friday and time to Keep it Local with another local business.  Here is an image of The Paris Galerie located at 132 Washington Street.  They've got a little bit of everything in this store - from jewelry to gifts to those cable bracelets that my kids wear every Summer.  Step in and get lost for awhile in the store.  Then keep shopping up and down Washington Street.

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Keep it Local – Surroundings

Another Friday and another Keep it Local entry from a trip down Washington Street.  This weekend provides lots of opportunities to Keep it Local including the Marblehead Art Walk (I'll be at Mud Puddle Toys on Saturday showing prints and debuting the new 2013 Calendar).  There is also the annual Senior Carnival at Devereux Beach (click here for pix from last year). Surroundings is an interior design company located at 96 Washington Street.  They carry furniture, decor, linens and strive to 'help people find the style they're looking for which is easy to live with and affordable'.  Stop in and check [...]

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Keep it Local – Scuppers for Kids

Scuppers for Kids is a fantastic store on Washington Street featuring 'unique hip clothing size newborn to tween, fun accessories for kids and moms, baby gifts, books, toys and shoes'.  It is under new ownership and they have generously provided money toward a local school's PTO.  They have won Best of the North Shore two years running and could really use your help in making it three in a row.  They are the only Marblehead business listed in the kids clothing section.  Please vote today: http://nshoremag.com/bons-2012-kids-clothing/  [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Keep it Local – FL Woods

I've been to FL Woods on a number of occasions over the years and have always appreciated the store front but, until I took this image and got it ready to post, I didn't realize how much history lies behind that facade.  You can read the full history by following the link above but suffice it to say that Fred L Woods Jr started the company (out of his home) in 1938!  I'm guessing this is the oldest continuously operating business in Marblehead and definitely should be on your list of stores to hit this weekend as you...keep it local. [...]

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Keep it Local – Scribe and Hip Baby Gear

With the lack of snow this Winter, I decided to head to Old Town and capture more images for my Keep it Local series.  I had gotten an image of Hip Baby gear earlier but was trying to find a good angle with which to capture Scribe next door.  I finally took a few steps back and found this composition showcasing the intersection with its flashing yellow light and the old buildings that house these relatively new businesses.  It was a nice juxtaposition of the old and new seen in the early light on these uncrowded streets. And if you [...]

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The Lafayette House on Hooper Street

Continuing with yesterday's house architecture theme, here is one of the most famous houses in Marblehead - the Lafayette House.  You'll notice the corner that has been 'cut out' of the house.  Surprisingly, the real reason for this missing piece is not known.  Theories include: 1. During a visit to Marblehead in 1824, General Lafayette's carriage could not navigate this turn and the corner was therefore removed. 2. The corner had been removed as part of an entrance for a retail shop. 3. The corner was removed due to the flow of water/sewage. 4. Coal wagons could not pass thus necessitating this [...]

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