Christmas in Marblehead – Grace and St Michaels

When I go out to shoot the town of Marblehead, it is not uncommon for me to find at least five different compositions in good light and then have to select one to share and place others in the archive.  On this day, I had set up at the pier of the Pleon Yacht Club which offered me a number of photographic possibilities.  This week, I wanted to share five different images captured from 3:45pm to 4:05pm on Christmas in Marblehead. First up was this shot looking across the harbor at Grace Community Church and St. Michael's Steeple poking out [...]

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Light Up the Tree at St. Michael’s

Recently, I received an email asking me if I had the chance to photograph the tree in front of St. Michael's Church decorated in holiday lights.  While I had captured the trees at Abbot Hall and National Grand Bank in past Decembers, I had never noticed the tree at St. Michael's lit up for the season.  On Tuesday, I headed out before sunset hoping the clouds would break in time for me to capture a beautiful tree against an equally stunning sky.  I set up and waited, and waited but the tree never lit.  I captured a number of images of the [...]

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A New Steeple on Washington Street

Okay so St. Michael's new steeple isn't technically on Washington Street.  Ever since it went up, I have wanted to capture an image of the new steeple rising above the shops and houses lining Washington Street.  I finally had a chance on Saturday morning under perfect conditions.  You can make out the light of dawn reflecting in the windows facing East.

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