First Sunset in Marblehead

I decided to go back to the depths of the archive this week and share some of my oldest images that have yet to see the light of day.  This image was taken within days of our moving to Marblehead in May 2008 and is the very first sunset in Marblehead that I captured. Little did I know that in 7 short years, this small project would turn into a website, prints, books, booths at the Farmer's market and (soon) Artisans' Marketplace. What a long great trip it's been ;-)

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Arts and Crafts at Children’s Island

After a donut and hot apple cider enjoyed inside the arts and crafts building, I looked back toward town and noted the open windows with their contrasting colors.  The red, white and blue paint on the weathered wood made for a great scene as did the few open windows on that cold Fall day.  I shot this at a very large aperture (f/2.8) to minimize the depth of field and focused on the nearest open door.  Between that and the contrasts of color and wood, I think the photo speaks to the character of the structures on Children's Island.

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