As I drove from Cove Lane to the next stop, Parker Lane, I was part giddy and part worried.  I saw the sky take on incredible hues of color and worried that I would miss the peak of this light. I got to Parker Lane, jumped out of the car and quickly set up.  I knew that I wanted to shoot this scene from the top of the stairs but there happened to be someone there at the moment so I ventured down to the waters edge.

That composition wasn’t working for me so I returned to the now empty spot at the top of the stairs and began shooting.  The hardest part of a great sunset is knowing when it has hit its peak.  This image was taken 20 minutes after the sun had set and the colors seemed to just get stronger and stronger.

I had earlier posted a view from this same spot that was a bit tighter and lacked the foreground elements.  I wanted to share this one in the Chasing the Light series as the rocks below form a nice frame for the harbor and the scene.

It’s also a good time to share my view that it is important to explore a scene from multiple angles.  In the 20 minutes spent at Parker Lane, I shot from:
The water
The beach
Top of the stairs zoomed out
Top of the stairs zoomed in (that’s tomorrow’s post)

I believe that every scene deserves a thorough process of changing compositions to try to bring out the strongest image.  That is usually to the detriment of whoever might be out shooting with me as I’ll take my time doing so.