I’ve been fortunate to witness and capture some truly astonishing sunsets this Summer.  That being said, the epic sunset I witnessed on August 21st, might trump them all.  I had witnessed some incredible light shows for several nights leading up to this one but work and kids kept me from running out each night with the camera and tripod.  On this night, I had decided to go out no matter the conditions…and then almost changed my mind when the wispy clouds that had covered the harbor left and were replaced by a heavy grey one. I decided that I would at least drive across the causeway and see what I could do with the light.

I set up on that great big pier at the Pleon Yacht club and watched as the sun dropped below the trees in the distance and I got a nice little sunburst that brought my mood up. Then I turned and saw this great light over the lighthouse with clouds that had broken up from the earlier mass and reflected nicely over the water.  I kept adjusting compositions and angles as well as shutter speeds to try to do some justice to the beauty before me.  When I saw this shot show up on the LCD, a smile crept to my face.

And then I turned my head and saw something even more incredible…but that’s a post for another day.