chasing the light

Chasing the Light – One Sunset, Five Unique Photos

This will be a bit of a longer post to recap this great Summer sunset.  I also want to point out that there will not be any posts for the next few days as I am driving up to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to try and capture the incredible color up there. Today, I wanted to share the last image from a spectacular sunset that took place back in mid-August and explain some of my thought process at the time.  To refresh your memory, for a stretch of 3-4 nights in August, we had been getting these incredible deep [...]

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A Sunburst Over Marblehead Harbor

Hope you're not tired of the Wednesday Sunset theme that has been going on these past few weeks.  As I mentioned previously, all of these images were taken during an exceptionally beautiful Summer sunset on August 21st.  This was the start of the show and I managed to catch the small sunburst (or sun star) as the sun descended beneath the trees across the harbor.  For those who are interested, the trick to these sunbursts is in part the lens you use but also to close down the lens as far as possible (f/16-22 will do).  Then you need something [...]

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Marblehead Harbor Bathed in a Red Sunset

For the past two Wednesdays, I have been sharing photos from a single location as an incredible Summer sunset unfolded before me.  You can catch up on the first [LINK] and second [LINK] by clicking the links.  This was the end of the show.  The colors that night had gone from the yellow glow as the sun set below the horizon to pinks then deep purples and finally this amazing red.  As I mentioned before, this shoot was in start contrast to the 'chasing the light' one I had done previously in that I just moved a few feet in [...]

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Purple Streaks of Sunset

As I mentioned in last Wednesday's post [LINK] I went out on August 21st under lackluster appearing conditions hoping against hope for a decent sunset.  I setup at the pier where the Pleon Yacht club resides and looked on as the clouds began to take shape and break into wisps from the gray mass they had formed earlier that evening.  I began by shooting toward the lighthouse.  After getting the shot I posted last week full of pinks, I turned and saw this... The streaks in the sky were incredible and seemed to be emanating from this house on the [...]

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Another Epic Sunset over Marblehead Harbor

I've been fortunate to witness and capture some truly astonishing sunsets this Summer.  That being said, the epic sunset I witnessed on August 21st, might trump them all.  I had witnessed some incredible light shows for several nights leading up to this one but work and kids kept me from running out each night with the camera and tripod.  On this night, I had decided to go out no matter the conditions...and then almost changed my mind when the wispy clouds that had covered the harbor left and were replaced by a heavy grey one. I decided that I would at least [...]

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