Black Joe’s pond

Reflections at Black Joes Pond

I may take a trip out to Black Joe's pond later today to see how it is faring with this very early foliage season. This was the peak of color captured last year on October 30th when the still water of the pond helped serve to reflect the color of the trees surrounding that one red house across the water.

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Black Joe’s Pond

I've only captured two images of Black Joe's Pond in all these years of shooting landscapes in Marblehead and, as soon as I purchased my aerial camera (Phantom 4 Pro), I knew I would try to find a new angle on this great pond.  As it happened, we had picture perfect conditions on a recent Sunday in May and I headed out to Gingerbread Hill to scout out possible locations.  I ended up parking along Norman Street and then took off over dense foliage to find an interesting composition. Once I was up in the air, I found too many different viewpoints [...]

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Black Joe’s Pond in Infrared

Thought I would end the week with this image of Black Joe's Pond taken with the aid of a modified dSLR.  The camera was adjusted so that it would record infrared light.  The result is that foliage appears bright and the sky and water are rendered quite dark.  When converted to black and white, the effect is even more dramatic. The only problem with choosing black and white for this image is that the red house at the far end of Black Joe's pond seemed to disappear.  I decided to selectively restore the color there to it's natural red.

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Still Morning at Black Joe’s Pond

Continuing the theme for the week, here is Black Joe's pond on an early morning shoot.  I drove by this spot a few months ago and saw the boat on shore which immediately made me add this to my 'must shoot' list in town.  Headed here after the Redd's pond sunrise shot and was treated to a great scene (including a family of ducks in the distance). Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 17-55/2.8 lens.  6 Bracket exposure.

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