Green Moss and Red Bricks

Here's another Experimental Friday image that comes from the Photowalk that took place in mid October.  I had decided to limit my shooting on this excursion to a fixed prime lens and to try to shoot wide open with it (thus making for very shallow depth of field).  As we walked down Lookout Court, I noticed this patio and decided to maximize the razor thin field of sharpness by focusing at an angle on the moss growing between the bricks.  I loved the competing textures and colors here and hope you do too...

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Leaves Start Changing at Lookout Court

It's Friday and time to 'play' with photography.  As I mentioned in past posts this week, I took part in a Worldwide Photowalk in which a group of 50 participants followed our leaders through the streets of Marblehead.  As the light was fairly harsh, I had decided to walk with a single lens and see if I could add to the Experimental Friday archives.  I had also been on the hunt for Fall colors in town and this scene seemed to offer a chance at both. I noticed these leaves against the blue fence as we headed down Lookout Court. [...]

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Painted Ladies of Fort Beach Way

More from the Photowalk that took place on Saturday and was led by Rick Ashley and Dennis Curtin.  As we made our way back from Fort Sewall, I noticed the mailboxes that marked the entrance to Fort Beach Way.  I'm not sure why I haven't photographed these before but they immediately reminded me of the 'painted ladies' of San Francisco - a group of Victorian houses that are each painted a different color.  I set about getting the mailboxes in frame (not so easy as I only had the 100mm prime on) and opened up the lens again to play [...]

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Shells on the Dry Dock

Back to Marblehead and the 'experimental Friday' mini-theme.  In late March and on a particularly nice day, I found myself wandering the docks that sat along Riverhead beach waiting for their time to be put back in the water.  As I looked above and below each one, I noticed some great colors and textures.  This image with shells surrounding the rusted ring and a mix of peeling red and blue paint was particularly interesting.  Seemed a good time to bring it out of the archives and showcase it on Experimental Friday.

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Experimental Friday – Get Your Feet Wet

I've featured a few shots on previous Fridays and am almost ready to label this an 'experimental Friday' theme.  This is the floating dock at Crocker Park where I went with my son in the Summer for a swim test prior to sailing camp.  It was a hot day and the cool water beckoned.  I decided to focus on the ladder so that the viewer could sense that someone was just about to reach out from below and come out of the water after a refreshing dive.

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