Green Moss and Red Bricks

Here's another Experimental Friday image that comes from the Photowalk that took place in mid October.  I had decided to limit my shooting on this excursion to a fixed prime lens and to try to shoot wide open with it (thus making for very shallow depth of field).  As we walked down Lookout Court, I noticed this patio and decided to maximize the razor thin field of sharpness by focusing at an angle on the moss growing between the bricks.  I loved the competing textures and colors here and hope you do too...

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Green Moss in the Blue Hour

I mentioned the blue hour in a recent image and explained that the quality of light during this time can be really magical.  The easier of the blue hours to photograph is the evening one owing to the much more reasonable timing of it.  I went out last week to shoot at sunset and continued to shoot well into the blue hour.  I noticed the low tide as I crossed the causeway and ended up taking two photos from the Marblehead Neck side. In this image, you can see the moss covered rocks which carry an eerie glow in this [...]

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