Green Moss and Red Bricks

Here's another Experimental Friday image that comes from the Photowalk that took place in mid October.  I had decided to limit my shooting on this excursion to a fixed prime lens and to try to shoot wide open with it (thus making for very shallow depth of field).  As we walked down Lookout Court, I noticed this patio and decided to maximize the razor thin field of sharpness by focusing at an angle on the moss growing between the bricks.  I loved the competing textures and colors here and hope you do too...

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The Gun House of Marblehead

The Gun House of Marblehead was, as the sign proclaims, built in 1810 and was meant for storing artillery.  I happened to drive by it on Elm Street one day in early November of last year. The sun was still relatively high in the sky at almost 3pm and lit up the tree behind it in a beautiful yellow glow.  I decided to capture the old brick house and later learned the doors were slated for replacement.  I haven't been back yet to see if the new doors changed the building's appearance.

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The Brick House on Doaks Lane

I decided to visit the archives for today's image and looked at shots taken one year ago in June but not yet posted to the web.  This one jumped out at me and I had to use it.  There was something very mesmerizing about this brick house when I noticed it on Doak's lane one sunset day in June. I think wat struck me was the perfectly tall, thin and symmetrical face of this house.  Especially in contrast to the asymmetry in the road below.  Enjoy this unique house on this Thursday in Marblehead...

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Master of the Hannah

There are numerous signs on Marblehead homes depicting its former occupants but this one stands out for me.  I always liked the old wood sign juxtaposed against the brick wall and, when I saw the flowers on the vine in early October, I knew it was time to shoot it.  The hardest part was finding the right time of day when the shadows served to frame the scene.

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From the Attic of Abbot Hall

Last week I decided to shoot the stained glass window at Abbot before it was removed for renovation.  Turns out I was a week late and will have to wait til Spring to take a picture of the restored glass.  While scouting out other shots, I befriended a caretaker of the building and was invited up to the attic for a rare view from the windows there.  We chatted for a bit as I shot out of two windows.  In this one, you can just make out the lighthouse in the harbor.  Unfortunately, the sky was a bright gray but [...]

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