Frozen Marblehead Harbor at Sunrise

Today is my 40th birthday.  In the past, I have made it a point to capture the sunrise on my birthday each year and I have ended up with some favorite images to start each new year of life.  This year with forecasts for cloudy skies on Wednesday morning and overcast conditions for today, I opted to shoot the sunrise a day early. I started off intending to shoot from Hammond Park but it was closed off by a literal mountain of snow.  I was able to get close to the waters edge and found an incredible scene of a [...]

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Between the Docks on Marblehead Neck

On Tuesday, October 14, I had made the decision to head out for a sunset shoot and chose Marblehead Neck as my destination.  It had been a while since I had explored one of the public ways on the Neck in particular and so I drove down to Harvard Street and then down to the water's edge.  I ducked under the closes dock and set myself up between the docks on Marblehead Neck as the sun began its slow descent. With Marblehead harbor still relatively full of boats, I composed this image to include both docks and Abbot Hall seen [...]

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Commercial Street Dock Under the Half Moon

On Wednesday, April 3rd, I awoke before the sun rose and headed out in search of good light.  I ended up at Hammond Park and shared an image from there last week.  After that image, I kept looking for new and different compositions and happened upon this one. The now old (and replaced) Commercial Street dock was set at a nice diagonal and the lights on the causeway were still (mostly) lit at 6:10am when this shot was taken.  There was a subtle pink/orange glow at the horizon (almost 90 degrees from the angle of the sun rise) which helped [...]

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Experimental Friday – Get Your Feet Wet

I've featured a few shots on previous Fridays and am almost ready to label this an 'experimental Friday' theme.  This is the floating dock at Crocker Park where I went with my son in the Summer for a swim test prior to sailing camp.  It was a hot day and the cool water beckoned.  I decided to focus on the ladder so that the viewer could sense that someone was just about to reach out from below and come out of the water after a refreshing dive.

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