Mud Puddle Toys

Washington Street in the Snow

Overnight, a light snow fell over Marblehead and so, this morning, I headed down to Washington Street hoping to find a new composition to share in this new year. I drove by Abbot Hall and then turned to find the tree in front of Old Town House to be perfectly covered in white. I kept driving and parked in front of Haley's as soon as I spotted this view of Mud Puddle Toys, Arnould Gallery and Old Town House. I quickly crossed the street and lined up the colorful storefronts with the bright yellow backdrop of Old Town House. A [...]

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Top 10 of 2015 – Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

I usually like to wait a little while after taking and sharing an image to decide if it has 'legs' and will remain a favorite for years to come.  In the case of this image of Mud Puddle Toys and the corner of Pleasant and Washington Streets, I knew the moment I clicked the shutter. The response to the image was overwhelming and confirmed my early feelings.    Here is #10 in the Top 10 of 2015 Countdown.

Leave a Light On at Mud Puddle

With the parking ban in effect and unseasonably warm temperatures, I've wanted to capture images of historic downtown Marblehead for a while now.  Unfortunately, the light has been terrible with heavy cloud cover blocking any semblance of light on the streets.  Finally on Saturday morning, the weather looked promising and I left the house at 6:00am hoping for the best.  This week I plan to share images of historic downtown Marblehead captured on this early morning. My very first stop was this one on the sidewalk in front of Haley's Cafe to capture the intersection of Pleasant and Washington Streets. [...]

Lobster Trap Tree Lighting at Mud Puddle Toys

In keeping with this week's holiday lights theme, here is a photo taken in front of Mud Puddle Toys.  On December, 2nd, shortly after the town's tree lighting, I made my way over to historic downtown Marblehead to witness the annual Lobster Trap Tree lighting at Mud Puddle Toys.  I had missed this tradition my first two years in town and was happy to have made it down to experience this scene.  The Glover's Regiment troop sang sea shanties while the tree was lit and a crowd gathered.  If you haven't seen and heard this in person, make sure you do [...]

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