Peach’s Point

Sunset over the Gap

Continuing in the series of images captured on Sunday, November 6th while out to shoot the moonrise, here is a wider shot than yesterday's. The clouds had shifted and darkened So I moved closer to Grace Oliver Beach from my earlier spot up Crowninshield Road and zoomed out for this wider view that encompassed the beach, Peach's Point and Brown's Island. That sunset over the gap of water was the clincher though...

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Storm Break

Overnight, a strong storm swept through Marblehead bringing rain and very high winds. The rain passed just as a high tide approached at 11am which, combined with the full moon, made for some potential flooding around town. It was actually the Code Red call warning the causeway would be closing that prompted me to get out the door and explore town. I started off at the State Street Landing and watched as waves crested over the concrete barrier along Tuckers Wharf. From there, I moved on to Doaks Lane and the stairs overlooking Little Harbor from where I was able [...]

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Peach’s in the Rain

Is it Peach's Point or Peaches Point? I thought the latter but checked to make sure and just about every reference out there is to Peach's Point... This shot comes from November 19th and an aborted outing to capture the moonrise which no-showed on account of clouds. I arrived at Chandler Hovey Park in cold, windy conditions to meet another group of photographers and noticed the rain over Peach's (Peaches) as the last hint of sunset colors was fading in that part of the sky. Luckily I had my longest lens already on the camera so I quickly rotated 90 [...]

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Crooked Tree on Peach’s Point

I've been fascinated by this crooked tree on Peach's Point (or is it Peaches Point?) since moving to Marblehead in 2008.  The tree seems to be in such a precarious position along the ocean's edge and with only the thinnest of trunks to keep it upright. Meanwhile, the surrounding homes in this area of Marblehead are truly magnificent in stature and architecture thus serving to exaggerate further the oddity of this simple crooked tree. This image is another from the series captured last Wednesday and was taken only 15 minutes after yesterday's shot of the boat ramp.  The sun had [...]

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