Grace Oliver beach

At Grace Oliver Beach – July 4, 2018 – 2:50pm

On Wednesday, July 4th, I decided the conditions were perfect to try a new series of aerial photographs of Marblehead beaches filled with sunbathers trying to escape the hot and humid weather. The July 4th weekend with its perfect combination of hot weather, clear skies, calm water and well timed high tide created the perfect opportunity. In this image at Grace Oliver Beach, I positioned the drone just off shore and watched the waves and participants in the water to time this capture. I think it perfectly represents a hot summer day in Marblehead and the lure of the beach. Full [...]

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The Cool Waters of Grace Oliver Beach

This week's images all come from the 'to be published' archive and, specifically, 2011.  Today's shot was captured on a mid-June day at Grace Oliver Beach during the high tide.  The still cool water offered a bit of a challenge in getting this image but I couldn't resist the great morning light or the calm waters of this favorite Marblehead beach. For those new to town, Grace Oliver Beach is located off Beacon Street.  It was named after the woman who lived in a house on nearby Doliber Point during the 19th century. The water remains shallow past the far rock and is [...]

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Summer Sunrise at Doliber Cove

On Wednesday, July 1, a storm was predicted for Marblehead as was early morning fog.  With that in mind, I set the alarm clock for 4:30am in hopes of capturing a beautiful dawn and Summer sunrise at Doliber Cove. I arrived to low tide and lackluster light but that all changed as the sun began to rise above the horizon and clouds started to shift in the sky.  I moved from my original vantage point to create a more dynamic composition and was really happy with the way this came out. The boats in the water, houses along Crowninshield road [...]

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The Sun Rises over Grace Oliver Beach

On a recent Sunday morning, I was awakened at 4:30am by a certain 6 1/2 year old resident of our household.  I was upset at the early wake up but, after getting him back in bed, took a look outside and at weather apps to try to decide if it was worth getting up and out of the house for a sunrise shoot.  The weather looked iffy but I decided to give it a shot.  After checking the expected location of the sunrise, I headed out to Grace Oliver beach. I started off photographing the dawn at Little Harbor but [...]

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Two Seconds at Grace Oliver Beach

A recent storm coincided with the full moon which meant storm surges and high waves.  While the peak happened at 10pm, I decided to venture out the next day to see if any remnants of the storm would provide for good long exposure shots.  I got to Grace Oliver beach pretty close to high tide and was treated to impressive waves crashing almost to the sidewalk.  I used a 10-stop filter to block the light and allow for this two second exposure in the middle of the day.  The long exposure turned the waves into mist and this shot was [...]

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