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Empty Harbor 5 – Working Boats

Today's image completes the 'empty harbor' series as shot on Sunday, March 31st. In truth, Marblehead Harbor is never actually empty as the working boats take up position near the causeway. After shooting along Foster Street, I returned to the causeway and hopped out to capture the working boats. I walked to this point at which the five boats had a natural opening that I could use to frame Abbot hall.

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Into the Smoke

This image of a lobster boat heading into the smoke of an arctic morning seemed a perfect way to end the week. I had gone out on December 29th to capture sea smoke in the coldest conditions I had ever experienced. Before I had a chance to set up the tripod, I spotted this lobster boat making its way out of the harbor. I quickly composed this shot seconds before the boat disappeared into the sea smoke.

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Reflections on a Still Harbor

While aerial images can open up a world of possibilities in the hundreds of feet above Marblehead, I've really enjoyed using my new Phantom 4 Pro to capture images from just a few feet off the ground but in locations otherwise inaccessible to me before.  For today's image, I flew from Riverhead beach to these two moored lobster boats in the inner harbor and lucked out when the sun broke through the clouds behind me just as I got into position. I've always wanted to capture images of the working boats in our harbor in this way but previously was [...]

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Working Boats and Golden Light

Last Wednesday, I headed to Crocker Park with the Phantom 4 Pro in hand to capture sunset views from one of my favorite spots in town. I started off by flying over the working boats moored in an otherwise empty Marblehead Harbor and had reached this spot 40 feet above the ground when the sun broke through the clouds and lit Marblehead Neck in beautiful golden light. If you look closely, you can spot the anticrepuscular rays converging behind the Corinthian Yacht Club and there are subtle hints of the golden light reflecting in the still waters of the harbor [...]

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