Long Exposure – Sit and Watch the Waves at Preston Beach

I told you that 'long exposure Tuesday' was back ; )  With the waves that came from an offshore storm in early September, I decided to head to Preston beach and see what I could do with the action at high tide.  As the waves weren't crashing as expected, I decided to change my approach and shoot long exposure images instead.  For this one, I found a chair (as well as socks, shoes and pants) facing the ocean and decided to use that as the focal point.  This is a relatively short 'long exposure' at only 15 seconds but it [...]

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Long Exposure – Stairs to the Mist

Continuing with the newly resurrected long exposure theme, here are the stairs leading down from the sea wall I showed in yesterday's post.  Prior to taking that photo of the overlook, I played with long exposures and the waves that slammed against the sea wall.  By extending this exposure time to 20 seconds, I was able to turn the crashing waves into a mist and make it appear that the stairs were descending to clouds or some other-worldly substance below.

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Long Exposure – Clouds Pass Marblehead Light

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had set out on Saturday hoping to use the fast moving clouds for a long exposure image.  It has been a while since I had pulled out the 10-stop filter and played with exposures measured in minutes.  As the light faded, I found myself near the edge of the lot and trying to capture the lighthouse with clouds behind and the crashing waves transformed to mist below. In this two minute exposure, you can make out the streaks of clouds in the sky.  Even more amazing is the swirls of white in the [...]

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The Pier at Mooring Road

Ever since we moved to Marblehead, I've wanted to find piers to photograph.  Unfortunately, all of them seemed to be private and inaccessible.  Last week, I drove down Bradley Road to explore that part of town and, on a whim, made a turn down Mooring Road and found this great pier.  The seas were rough and I had arrived near high tide - couldn't ask for a better sky though.  The shots of crashing waves weren't quite what I had in mind so I put on a filter to cut down the light and allow for longer exposures.  The waves [...]

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North and South from Castle Rock

These two photos were taken within five minutes of each other from the two sides of Castle Rock.  Above is the view to the South with a private beach.  Below is the view North with the rockier terrain and homes dotting the coast.  This was shot near sunset and high tide one day after the huge snowstorm that blanketed the town.  The seas were still rough from the tail end of the storm and made for some great long exposures. Technical: Both taken with Canon 50D and 17-55 EF-S lens.  Single exposures of approximately 1 1/2 seconds.

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The Barnacle

It feels good to be out shooting again!  Today was my first chance to pick up the camera in two weeks.  Headed out about 3pm and wandered around town trying to decide what to shoot.  Headed down State Street (that shot is coming next week...) and ended up driving up Front Street.  When I got to the barnacle, I looked to the right and saw massive waves left over from the recent storms.  They were just starting to recede after the high tide.  I grabbed my gear including a 10-stop filter to let me take very long exposures.  This one [...]

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The Ocean Breathes – Castle Rock

I added a new tool to my camera bag this week and had a great time taking it out for an inaugural shoot.  This was a return to Castle Rock on the Marblehead Neck.  With the 10-stop neutral density filter, I was able to take this 30 second exposure and turn the ocean waves into a soft mist.  It's a great feeling to produce an image that cannot be seen 'in the moment' but can be appreciated for showing a spot in a new light. Technical: Canon 50D and EF-S 17-55mm lens with 10-stop ND filter.  Single exposure.

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