Spring is in the Air – Old North Church

Last shot from my outing on Sunday, April 15 when lasers and tech dinghies crossed Marblehead Harbor. I was set up at Parker Lane and zoomed in a bit as the clouds shifted so that the sun reflected off the white sails of these lasers while Old North Church and the houses behind The Landing fell into shadow. Hope this week got you excited for springtime in Marblehead!

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Spring is in the Air – Marblehead Light

I mentioned that I had gone out on Sunday, April 10th to capture tech dinghies in the harbor and started off at Hammond Park. This was the scene that awaited me there. I played with tight and wide compositions of this scene but had to go with the wider version as it allowed me to include the great cumulus clouds over Marblehead Light. The sun was behind me and helped bring out the small white sails against the blue water of the harbor.

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Frostbite Sailing past Old North Church

Spring is here!  If all goes according to plan, I will be capturing the full moon setting on the spring equinox near Old North Church just as this post goes live in the morning. We are in peak frostbite sailing season but I haven't had a chance to make it out to capture the boats crossing in front of familiar landmarks this year. Between the morning plans and the lack of any recent frostbite sailing images, I thought this would make for a nice image to start the day.

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Marblehead High School Sailing on a Spring Day

On Sunday, I had to drop off my son at a friend's house on the Neck. At the last minute, I grabbed my camera with the longest lens I had in the hopes that frostbite sailing might have returned to Marblehead Harbor.  With seemingly endless Nor'Easters and otherwise bad conditions, I hadn't had a chance to photograph the sailboats inside the harbor racing in front of familiar locations. As luck would have it, I found a fleet race was taking place and the conditions were picture perfect with bright sun overhead, partly cloudy skies behind Abbot Hall and an otherwise [...]

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Racing by Old North Church

Today's image comes from mid-February and an unusually warm day for watching and capturing frostbite sailing in Marblehead Harbor.  I had been shooting the sailboats primarily from the air but switched to my camera as they grouped together and captured this shot of the boats racing by Old North Church. With this arctic blast of cold in the third week of March, I don't think I'm alone in looking for reminders that Spring should be here soon and with it more boats in the water.

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor – A Fifty Foot View

Yesterday was my 42nd birthday and I was fortunate to start it with a homemade breakfast with my wife and kids and end it with a great dinner out.  In the middle of the day, I couldn't think of anything more fun than enjoying the Spring-like weather and flying my Phantom 4 Pro drone over Marblehead Harbor to capture scenes of frostbite sailing. The conditions were perfect for sailing with light winds and intermittently great for photography with cloudy skies and occasional breaks of brilliant light.  I took turns shooting stills and video with the drone and switching to the real [...]

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor

Before taking this image in January 2013, I had seen frostbite sailing take place in Marblehead Harbor but hadn't truly appreciate the name of this Winter activity. On this day, with a cold fog enveloping Marblehead and the boats crossing in front of Abbot Hall in an otherwise empty harbor, I could finally grasp just how cold the sailors must be.

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Frostbite Sailing in Marblehead Harbor

This image of frostbite sailing in Marblehead Harbor comes from a pleasantly warm Sunday on March 3, 2013.  The temperature had hit the lower 40s and I was out exploring Crocker Park when I spotted this group of sonars going through maneuvers within Marblehead Harbor. Frostbite sailing is such a unique tradition for Marblehead and I highly recommend experiencing it in person from Crocker Park or Marblehead Neck.  Sailing takes place on Sundays typically starting on November 11th and continues until the end of April.

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