Green Street Cemetery

Blanket of Snow – Christmas at Sea

On December 9, 2017, I captured falling snow on the First Harbor company's Christmas Tree in a boat floating in Marblehead's Little Harbor. That image quickly became a personal favorite - so much so that I never went back to work on images taken the very next morning after the snow had stopped falling.  The timing of the snow that year was perfect - allowing me to capture the falling flakes in mid-day and then the Christmas tree with a blanket of snow at sunrise the next morning. Unfortunately, the timing and predicted severity of today's snow storm meant that [...]

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Mother’s Grave – Happy Halloween

With cemeteries whose age is counted in the hundreds of years, Marblehead is home to some very unique gravestones.  My personal favorite is this simple one engraved with the lone word Mother that can be found at the Green Street cemetery.  The gravestone is haunting for its simplicity and happens to lie in front of a maple tree. That combination made it an easy favorite to shoot and one that I've visited on a number of occasions for subtly different compositions. I couldn't think of a better image than this one of Mother's grave to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. [...]

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First Foliage of the Season – Green Street Cemetery

On September 21, a thick fog descended on Marblehead as sunset neared and I made a dash out to the Green Street cemetery where I has spotted the first foliage of the season.  The fog helped hide the wires overhead that still seem to overpower the scene.  I tried two different compositions and honestly can't decide which I like better and if either really 'works' in the end. Can't wait to shoot more scenes of Fall in Marblehead in the days to come...

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Gravestones under a Maple Tree

Fall has arrived but the trees are only slowly making their way from green to brilliant orange and red this year.  I decided to look back at the archive and found this image captured on September 25, 2013 with gravestones at the Green Street Cemetery seen under the light of a Maple tree at peak Fall colors. I had capture this tree previously in a favorite image.  You can see all of my foliage images of Marblehead to get ready for this coming season by clicking here - Click for Foliage  

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Watching the Moon Rise from Fort Sewall

By popular demand - an image of the full moon rise from Fort Sewall captured on July 11, 2014.  When I go out to shoot, I will often return with several images that I want to share.  Such was the case with the full moon rise of July 11-12.  On that first night, I had hoped for a new composition of the moon rising over Chandler Hovey Park as seen from Fort Sewall and achieved that when I used the leaves of the great tree at the Fort to frame this shot. However, moments later, the Glover's Regiment began their [...]

Peak Fall Colors at Green Street Cemetery

There is a great maple tree at the corner of Elm and Creesy Streets which I photographed last year and shared at Halloween.  As I drove around town this weekend looking for early signs of Fall, I spotted this tree at peak Fall colors and decided to look for a new composition.  Rather than including the gravestone I had previously focused on, I chose this one that reads Benj. Lindsey.  There are other names as well - Hannah and Nathaniel.  I was unable to find much information about the individuals buried here and will see if anyone can add to [...]

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Mother under the Maple Tree

This is the perfect ending to Halloween week on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  I was biking around town in search of foliage when I spotted this maple outside the cemetery on the corner of Elm and Creesy Streets.  I couldn't find the right angle to shoot it from outside the cemetery so I ventured inside.  Once there, I found a few gravestones that would make for a nice foreground but the light wasn't quite right.  Then the clouds shifted and the light illuminated the singular word 'Mother' on the one gravestone standing apart from the rest.  I dropped to the ground [...]

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