Sunset Silhouette

On October 15th, I had gone out to Crocker Park to shoot the full Hunter moon rising over the Corinthian Yacht Club.  As I shot out over the harbor, I kept looking back at the incredible sunset forming behind me.  As soon as I captured the perfect shot of the moon rising, I raced up to a familiar spot to shoot towards Abbot Hall and capture the last bursts of color in the night sky. The dynamic range between the sky and Abbot Hall was too large for the sensor to capture details in both and so I decided to [...]

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Catching the Sunset at Marblehead Light

On July 21st, I headed out when dense fog descended on Marblehead and captured a number of scenes around Little Harbor and Redd's Pond.  From there, I decided to head to Chandler Hovey Park hoping for a nice sunset given the fog and building clouds. By the time the sun set, much of the fog had dissipated but some haze remained to diffuse the light of the sun.  I found a number of kids climbing the base of Marblehead Light and, rather than finding another vantage point, decided to incorporate the people in this composition. In this image, a boy's [...]

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Silhouettes on Preston Beach

The rule of thumb is that you should put away the camera when the sun is high overhead.  The light tends to be fairly flat and very bright making it difficult to get a solid landscape or any other shot.  As it happened, I was out with the kids at Preston Beach on this late August day and had my camera and a long lens with me.  I managed a few decent shots of the kids but, as we walked back from the tide pools, I saw this great scene. A boat tied up off the shore, people in and [...]

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