Dolphin Dawn

We have been fortunate to be members of the Dolphin Yacht Club for several years and have enjoyed dinners and social events there. A few years ago, I was offered the opportunity to display some of my photographs in the club and always smile when I open the door and see one of my prints looking back at me. It dawned on me (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) at a recent party that the Dolphin would offer the perfect vantage point for capturing the dawn and sunrise over Marblehead Harbor. A few texts later, I was granted permission to shoot [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #7 – Panoramic Gold

On June 15th, I chased some promising clouds to Crocker Park and left one hour later with 13 images that I shared over the next few weeks. This panorama was made up of 16 vertical images captured with my widest lens at the peak of golden light (it would later shift to pink). Though I came away with 13 keepers, this is the best representation of the night and the numerous available compositions looking towards the mouth of the harbor and causeway. For the perfect clouds, perfect light and the joy of feeling like a kid in a candy store [...]

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Big Sky over Marblehead Harbor

While I wait for this warm air to break and usher in some interesting clouds and nice sunsets, I figured it was worth looking back to June 15th and a super-wide panorama used to take in the big sky over Marblehead harbor.  I had shared lots of images from this evening at Crocker Park last week and mentioned that I had swapped lenses as the light changed. I also shared one panorama of the harbor at 24mm focal length which is on the wide side of normal. Ten minutes after that golden light panorama and before the purple harbor image, [...]

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Blue Clouds Washing over Childrens

So shortly after taking yesterday's image at 7:27pm, I noticed these incredible blue clouds near the horizon that seem to be washing over Children's Island. I had my favorite landscape lens (a 24-105mm f/4) on the camera but couldn't quite get the reach I wanted to focus on the clouds so I did a quick change to my much longer 100-400mm lens. With that I zoomed in and composed a shot to highlight the blue clouds with boats moored near the mouth of the harbor. I couldn't help but play with the zoom and compositions and, when I zoomed out, [...]

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Chasing the Light Once Again

For a variety of reasons, I had not been out shooting in well over a month's time. As luck would have it, tonight ended up being an incredible opportunity to break that streak. After returning home from work, my wife and son came up with the idea of going to the Dolphin Yacht Club for dinner. We lucked out with an outdoor table and enjoyed Chef Jake's incredible meal while watching storm clouds form to the north and south as storms split around Marblehead. As I ate and watched the sky, I kept glancing at my watch and wondered if [...]

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Ring Around the Neck – Parker Lane

I had plans to share more images from this late September afternoon and a 'ring around the Neck' hitting some of my favorite spots but other outings kept getting in the way... On the same day that I visited Chandler Hovey for that 'sit for a spell' image I also stopped at most of the public ways on the Neck to capture scenes of Marblehead Harbor with some great light and clouds. This was the view from Parker Lane which has always been a favorite but has been limited in compositions for the past few years since the stairs have [...]

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Top 10 of 2019 – #9 – Summer Nights at Crocker Park

When I was choosing my Top 10 images of 2019, this shot captured from Crocker Park on July 21 was an easy choice but deciding where to place it was difficult. It's a very simple image and composition focusing on the mouth of the harbor with boats filling all but a few moorings. The sky was perfect with great contrast and detail in the clouds above. While I tend to be more excited by images captured at sunrise or sunset with incredible orange, red, pink or purple skies, there's something to be said for a perfect blue sky casting soft [...]

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Fireworks over Marblehead Harbor

Earlier today, I shared images taken during past fireworks shows and realized there was a perfect spot on the Neck from which I could capture this year's fireworks over Marblehead harbor.  I made sure to scout out this spot at the Pleon Yacht Club earlier in the day during high tide to figure out compositions that would be available tonight.  Shortly after 8pm, I left the party we had been attending on the Neck (site of the 2015 fireworks shots) and biked down to Foster Street. I arrived in time to capture the harbor illumination with flares on either side [...]

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Out for a Paddle in Marblehead Harbor

On Wednesday, July 30th I was out on the causeway waiting to cheer on a limousine as it drove around Marblehead and found myself staring at some beautiful cloud formations over Abbot Hall.  By now the tower of Abbot had been adorned with a big 'M' and so I was in search of new vantage points from which to capture the school symbol and colors. As I decided on the best location for this composition, a woman got on to a stand up paddle board from Riverhead Beach and went out for a paddle in Marblehead Harbor.  The water was [...]

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