Long Exposure – Stairs to the Mist

Continuing with the newly resurrected long exposure theme, here are the stairs leading down from the sea wall I showed in yesterday's post.  Prior to taking that photo of the overlook, I played with long exposures and the waves that slammed against the sea wall.  By extending this exposure time to 20 seconds, I was able to turn the crashing waves into a mist and make it appear that the stairs were descending to clouds or some other-worldly substance below.

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Foggy Morning over Salem Harbor

So technically this is just on the outskirts of Marblehead as you cross into Salem. I had been meaning to capture this area for a while but could never get all the elements in place…until today. Nice subdued light, bit of fog off the water and little to no wind to ruin the reflections. Technical: Canon 50D and 70-200 f/4 IS. 5 bracket HDR by 1 exposure steps

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