Sunstar at Marblehead Light

So the theme for the week seems to be ultra wide shots taken with the new Canon 11-24mm lens I received on loan for the week.  Right after capturing the facade of the new Glover School, I headed out to Chandler Hovey Park with a few compositions in mind. I had heard that the Canon 11-24mm was capable of producing beautiful sunstars with 18-points and so I found this spot from which I could include all of Marblehead Light in the frame.  I positioned the camera just on the edge of the shadow so that the sun abutted the lighthouse.  This [...]

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Turn to Clear Vision

Another image from my weekend chase of the supermoon rising and setting over Marblehead.  With the superzoom on my camera to help me get a close up view of the moon, I tried to find new items to explore at Chandler Hovey Park.  One that immediately came to mind with the binocular aimed toward Abbot Hall and Marblehead harbor. With the zoom extended out to about 300mm and using a wide open aperture, I was able to isolate objects and push much of the background to a subtle blur.  I composed this image to include the binoculars as well as [...]

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Watching the Moon Rise

I've already shared one image of the blue moon rising on July 31st but this one might be my favorite from that night.  I explained previously that my camera and all lenses were at Canon for their biyearly checkup and cleaning.  In their place, I was fortunate to borrow a camera and zoom lens from a friend.  The zoom she lent me allowed twice the magnification of my longest lens and the camera added an extra 1.6 time reach to do its smaller sensor.  The end result was an effective 640mm of zoom (vs the 200mm I usually use). When [...]

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Marblehead Fireworks – The Grand Finale

There's a danger in looking at images and sharing them too quickly after an event.  On the Fourth of July, I raced home from Marblehead Neck on my bicycle passing bumper to bumper traffic on the causeway.  As soon as I walked in the door, I plugged my camera's memory card in and hoped that some of the Marblehead fireworks images came out as nice as I remembered them. I scanned the images quickly and selected three different views of the evening's great show.  It was only this weekend, when I had time to carefully review the images from the [...]

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On the Rocks at Chandler Hovey Park

I hope no one is tired of images taken on Tuesday, June 9th yet.  I've shared six images from this one outing so far and all have differed by the quality of light, the composition or location. Shortly after I arrived at Chandler Hovey Park, I spotted a rainbow positioned southeast of the lighthouse.  The location made compositions tricky even with my widest angle lens.  I took a few photos from the edge of the park where the rocks form a cliff-like structure leading into the waters of Marblehead Harbor.  From there, I quickly explored other spots near the waters edge. [...]

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Between the Storms at Chandler Hovey Park

On Tuesday, June 9th, thunderstorms were predicted for Boston around 7:00pm and their trajectory looked like it might bring them just north of Marblehead.  Knowing that storms always make for dramatic light, I headed out to Chandler Hovey Park hoping for some great light.  I arrived at 7:15 and at first was disappointed with the too-thick clouds which were blotting out the sun.  That is until I looked behind me and spotted the rainbow!  I've shared one image of the rainbow already but this week will focus on five images that came afterwards. By 7:30pm, the rainbow had dissipated and I [...]

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Light at the End of the Rainbow

Last night, storms were predicted to pass near Marblehead between 7 and 8pm.  Knowing that storms make for incredible light at sunset, I decided to head out after dinner and see if that might be the case on this occasion.  The clouds seemed to be coming from the direction of Boston and I therefore chose Chandler Hovey Park as my destination. I wasn't thrilled with the light when I first arrived at Chandler Hovey and stared up at Marblehead Light.  There was little definition in the clouds and they seemed too thick to allow any sun to shine through.  After [...]

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The Old Oil House

Continuing the journey into the archives, this image comes from May 2011 and a foggy morning on Chandler Hovey Park.  By this time, I had photographed Marblehead Light on many occasions and this old oil house at least once before in the snow.  The added element of fog helped push Marblehead Light into the distant background and added a sense of mystery to this small brick building situated on the edge of Marblehead Neck.

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Aurora Borealis over Marblehead Light

It finally happened!  I can't count how many times I have left the house late at night with the hope of capturing the aurora borealis over Marblehead Light.  The northern lights occur when charged particles enter the Earth's atmosphere.  On March 15, two coronal mass ejections sprouted from the Sun and headed towards Earth bringing with them a LOT of those charged particles.  The strength of the aurora is measured in Kp values and, in Marblehead, we need to hit at least a Kp of 7 for any hope of seeing the northern lights.  When the charged particles arrived on Earth [...]

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