Chandler Hovey park

Winter Sunsets at Chandler Hovey Park

Remember that spring-like day on Saturday when the ice/snow had finally melted and temps broke 60? This was the view of the winter sunset at Chandler Hovey Park where I headed to enjoy the last light of an unusually warm winter day. Little did I know I would spend the following day driving (and occasionally sliding) on streets around town capturing freshly falling snow.

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Hint of Smoke at Marblehead Light

When temperatures drop, I tend to hit Front Street in the hopes of capturing sea smoke surrounding Chandler Hovey Park. Unfortunately with the high winds on the morning of January 11th, there was only a hint of smoke to be seen and captured on this arctic morning. I ended up liking my shot of the smoke around Cormorant Rock more so I posted that one and saved this in the 'to be published folder' until today.

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Top 10 of 2021 – #3 – Best Laid Plans

Sometimes a photo makes the top 10 more for the memory of the outing than the quality of light. Such was the case on November 19th when I drove straight from work to Chandler Hovey Park in the hopes of shooting a moonrise and walked back to the car freezing and without a single shot of the moon that stayed hidden behind clouds.  That was when I spotted this scene with a small pool of rainwater offering the chance of a reflection. I swapped to my widest lens and set up for this shot with a longer exposure to pull [...]

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Best Laid Plans

I was excited for the possibility of shooting the moonrise tonight at Chandler Hovey Park having received an invite to join a group of photographers there. I knew it would be tight with finishing up work in my Danvers office at 4pm but had arrived just in the nick of time at 4:28 (moonrise was at 4:31) only to find the cloud cover which should have been disappointing was showing no signs of doing so. As I looked around, I spotted a band of rain showers over Peaches Point and, sure enough, all cameras had turned that way for the [...]

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Unexpected Sunset

“The best things in life are unexpected because there were no expectations.” ? Eli Khamarov I wrote entirely too much about may crazy running around last Wednesday but this was easily the best part of the day. I had woken up in the pre-dawn hours and managed to capture a sliver of the Hunter's moon setting over Abbot Hall and the harbor and then drove all around town trying to figure out where to shoot the moonrise. On a whim, I headed to Harding Lane and then crossed to Brown's Island since it was low tide. As I crossed, I [...]

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Casting Shadows on the Water

I drove around on Saturday trying to figure out this year's foliage situation. The maples had turned early as usual and hadn't put on much of a show. I had spotted some vibrant colors in spots in the past week but not as much as I hoped for. Knowing that peak foliage had taken place on October 17 last year, I figured I had a decent shot of finding some color. Well, I drove around for an hour and just about gave up. Meanwhile, the clouds seemed to hold promise so when I got a text from a friend out [...]

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Chandler Hovey Sunrise

I'm going to try to be better about getting back to regular morning posts and this seemed like a great way to kick things back into gear... Normally, getting the sun (or moon) perfectly placed behind Marblehead Light would have been planned out ahead of time by using at least one (and likely two) apps to determine location and angles and...  But on this particular April morning, I lucked out. I had gotten up on April 14th to shoot the sunrise as promised storms hinted at a nice sunrise and I made my way somewhat blindly toward Crocker Park. I [...]

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Sit for a Spell

It seems like forever since I was last out to shoot around Marblehead but, looking back, it had only been two weeks.  I had the day off and, once the rain cleared, found picture perfect conditions for a mid-day outing. I crossed the causeway and then stopped at the public ways and some other spots along the Neck to capture views of the harbor and boats under cumulous clouds. Chandler Hovey Park was a mid-journey stop and I arrived to find myself one of only three people out enjoying the wind coming off the water. The views towards Abbot were [...]

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The Full Corn Moon

The full corn moon rose over Chandler Hovey Park tonight and I was one of a half dozen photographers among many more onlookers admiring the view of the moon rising over a collection of boats in the mouth of the harbor. When I arrived at Front Street I had been hoping for a different shot than what I came away with. The lights had been hung on the lighthouse early on in the COVID era and I envisioned a shot of the moon rising with the lighthouse resplendent in lights and a collection of boats filling the waters. As sunset [...]

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Weathered Tree at Chandler Hovey Park

The theme for this week seems to be shaping up as 'images that I wasn't happy with but finally figured out the right processing this weekend'.  This black and white image of a weathered tree at Chandler Hovey Park was captured on September 1, 2013. I was drawn to this composition in which the tree is able to steal focus from Marblehead Light in large part due to the curve of the clouds mimicking the canopy of the tree.  That being said, the processing never really worked out. I tried this in color and black and white and while the [...]

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