Chandler Hovey park

By the Light of the Moon

Tonight the full Strawberry minimoon rose over Chandler Hovey Park and I was ready to capture the year's smallest moon from across the harbor at Fort Sewall.  I had set up with my camera on a tripod and brought along the drone wondering how a different perspective might work in shooting the moon.  When the moon rose, I learned quickly that the drone's camera was simply too small (in regards to focal length) to do this 'minimoon' justice and concentrated on getting this shot with the real camera. I decided to compose the final image to include the working boat [...]

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Beacon of Light at Chandler Hovey Park

Whenever possible, I've tried to include the green beacon of light atop our lighthouse in images of Chandler Hovey Park.  And so when I had chased a sunset to this familiar spot and flew the Phantom 4 Pro for some aerial images, I was delighted to see the familiar green light shining against the darkening sky. I composed this image bisecting the lighthouse with Marblehead's skyline and made sure to include the Boston skyline as well.  With the dark cloud in the sky, the beacon of light shone even brighter in the final image.  It's amazing that only two months [...]

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Between the Moon and Marblehead Light

A full moon is rising tonight on the first night of Passover and, knowing that I won't have a chance to shoot it, I thought I would share this image of the moonrise from mid-November.  I've shared two other images of this full moon before but today's image was the first one I captured that night and, while the moon hadn't quite hit its peak glow, I really liked the softer look of it as it broke through the haze on this night. One of my favorite aspects of shooting the moon from this spot near Crocker Park was being able [...]

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Sunset Before the Storm

I captured this image of clouds behind Marblehead Light on Chandler Hovey Park last week at sunset but didn't have a chance to work on the image until yesterday's snow day.  I had been photographing with my Phantom 4 Pro at Crocker Park before deciding to change vantage points and ended up at Chandler Hovey Park just as the sun was setting and with perfect clouds formed behind the lighthouse. I shot this is a vertical panorama while standing beside the flag pole so that I could include the foreground rocks and stone bench lit in golden light.  Hope you [...]

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Crashing Surf at Chandler Hovey Park

After capturing the view of sunset from Chandler Hovey Park, I watched the light until it started to fade and then turned to head towards my car.  As I did, I spotted pink light over Childrens Island and walked around the lighthouse to see the last glow of sunset fading near the horizon. At the same time, I heard the familiar sound of crashing surf rolling the pebbles along that section of Chandler Hovey Park where flat rocks lead to a miniature beach.  I quickly got into position and slowed the shutter speed to capture the movement of the water as [...]

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Sunset at Chandler Hovey – this view never gets old

As this site has continued, I have found myself with fewer opportunities to capture scenes of Marblehead on any given Wednesday.  Instead, I head out when the light is right at sunrise, sunset or, on occasion, in mid-day on a day off from work.  Yesterday, seemed like it would turn into another grey day with little to offer until the clouds started to break up near sunset and I grabbed my gear and headed out to Marblehead Neck. I looked over my shoulder as I drove across the causeway and stopped at a few spots on the Neck before heading towards [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #7 – Smoke on the Water – Fire in the Sky

I don't think I've ever had a situation like this one where one of the last images captured in December immediately cements a place in the Top 10 list.  I had another image of sea smoke in this #7 spot but the combination of sea smoke, a sun star (formed by the break in clouds partially obscuring the morning sun) and that red glow behind Marblehead Light made this one an instant favorite.  #7 on the Top 10 of 2016 is this image of smoke on the water and fire in the sky captured on December 16.

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Smoke on the Water – Fire in the Sky

This morning, air temperatures of 2F and water temperatures of 50F held the promise of sea smoke to make up for the otherwise miserable cold.  Any chance to see, let alone photograph, smoke on the water will get me out of the house and so, bundled in layers, I headed out.  I drove around trying to find the perfect spot and made my way just before dawn to Fort Sewall.  I was perched there braced against the wind gusts hoping for good light when I started to see breaks forming in the clouds. Sure enough, as the sun rose behind [...]

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Light Up the Moon

Last night, I headed out of Marblehead in the hopes of capturing the full cold moon rising behind Nubble Light which had been decorated for the season in holiday lights.  It felt good to venture outside of Marblehead for a photoshoot - something I hadn't done in quite some time.  And even better to meet up with Phil Cohen who served as the inspiration for Wednesdays in Marblehead with his The Daily Portsmouth. As luck would have it, thick clouds moved in a bit earlier than expected and spoiled the photoshoot.  I was still able to catch up with Phil but [...]

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A String of LIghts on Marblehead Light

For today's image, I decided to look into my 'to be published' archive and focus on images captured in the month of December.  I found this one of a string of lights on Marblehead Light from December 18, 2011 and it instantly put me in the mood for celebrating the upcoming holiday. Each year, lights are strung from atop the lighthouse adding a festive touch to Chandler Hovey Park.  I was fortunate to join the crew stringing lights one year and was amazed by their heft.  As these original incandescent lights have started to lose their luster and give out [...]

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