Chandler Hovey park

Old Glory on Chandler Hovey Park

I shared an image yesterday of Marblehead Light reflecting in rainwater after a storm passed through Marblehead.  Having captured that image, I wandered around the puddle of water looking for other reflections when I spotted Old Glory at half mast and perfectly balanced with its reflection in the water. I again decided on a square crop to help the inherent symmetry of the image.  Thankfully, there was just enough wind to set the flag waving but not enough to disrupt the mirror like surface of the rainwater. I had never looked up the history of the term Old Glory before [...]

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Light Between Storms

We had the first real Summer storms pass through Marblehead yesterday with near torrential rains at one point in the afternoon and a bit of thunder and lightning later in the evening.  As the first wave of storms passed, I headed out to Chandler Hovey Park hoping to catch a view of Marblehead Light between storms.  With the amount of rain that fell, I had a feeling that rainwater would have collected in a familiar spot along the path to the lighthouse. Sure enough, there was enough rainwater with which I could capture reflections of Marblehead Light and I explored [...]

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The Shores of Chandler Hovey

As I looked through the archive to find yesterday's image of a warm Summer sunset, I couldn't help finding enough images to fill this week's posts.  As my full time job as an Allergist hits its busiest week with birch and oak pollen likely to hit seasonal highs, I thought I would continue with images from the archives and resign myself to leaving the camera in the bag this week. Today's image comes from May 2012 and a visit to Chandler Hovey Park on a foggy day.  I had been shooting a lot of long exposure images and decided to [...]

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Blue Moon and Blue Boats – Marblehead Harbor

One of my favorite images captured in 2015 was a close up of the blue moon rising over Chandler Hovey Park with people clearly visible near the base of Marblehead Light watching the beautiful sight.  As is the case with many outings, that was not the only image captured on that late July evening as I tried out many different compositions to capture the scene before me. This image was taken shortly after the close up shot as the full blue moon floated above the horizon having cleared the rocky landscape of the park.  The moon came up in a [...]

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Days End at Marblehead Light

In mid-May of 2013, I headed to Chandler Hovey Park in hopes of capturing some nice color to marks the days end.  The clouds had built up during the day but a small clearing formed at the horizon just as the sun set. Almost as soon as I had put the car in park, I was out and getting my camera on the tripod to shoot the incredible sunset light that seemed to be exploding from the base of Marblehead Light and marking the days end (or is it day's end?). I shared a horizontal composition of this shot shortly after [...]

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Sea Smoke Sunrise

With past outings to capture sea smoke, one issue that has come up is that the mist rising from the ocean usually forms a thick band of fog at the horizon blocking any hopes of accompanying sunrise color.  On Sunday, February 14, I arrived at Fort Beach to find the sky turning pink as pillars of sea smoke formed in front of and behind Marblehead Light. I captured several frames before the sun rose above the fog bank but this image of a sea smoke sunrise may be my favorite of them.  You can see the light of the sun [...]

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Pillars of Sea Smoke in Marblehead Harbor

This morning's record low temperatures (the coldest Marblehead has been in over a decade) meant that sea smoke was likely to occur.  Since moving to Marblehead in 2008, sea smoke has become one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  While I've taken photos of this incredible phenomenon of steam coming off the relatively hot ocean (with air temperatures of -10F above it), I've never seen a display of sea smoke as occurred this morning. After dressing appropriately for the arctic temperatures (it must have been -20 something with the wind chill), I left the house and made my first stop [...]

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A Churning Sky over Marblehead Light

On August 4th, a strong thunderstorm passed over Marblehead and I ended up chasing the lightning around town trying to catch bolts from various locations.  This image was taken from the beginning of the storm as the grey clouds formed and overtook the sky over Marblehead.  I wasn't sure how to describe these impressive cloud formations but they seemed to form a churning sky over Marblehead Light so I stuck with that terminology.  If someone has a better description, please let me know. Here are more images from this outing on August 4th:

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Sunstar at Marblehead Light

So the theme for the week seems to be ultra wide shots taken with the new Canon 11-24mm lens I received on loan for the week.  Right after capturing the facade of the new Glover School, I headed out to Chandler Hovey Park with a few compositions in mind. I had heard that the Canon 11-24mm was capable of producing beautiful sunstars with 18-points and so I found this spot from which I could include all of Marblehead Light in the frame.  I positioned the camera just on the edge of the shadow so that the sun abutted the lighthouse.  This [...]

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Turn to Clear Vision

Another image from my weekend chase of the supermoon rising and setting over Marblehead.  With the superzoom on my camera to help me get a close up view of the moon, I tried to find new items to explore at Chandler Hovey Park.  One that immediately came to mind with the binocular aimed toward Abbot Hall and Marblehead harbor. With the zoom extended out to about 300mm and using a wide open aperture, I was able to isolate objects and push much of the background to a subtle blur.  I composed this image to include the binoculars as well as [...]

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