Fort Sewall

Fort Sunrise

I hadn't been back to Fort Sewall since the day after the storm that took down large pieces of what I affectionately called the Giving Tree. I had woken up early this morning for a different shoot after noticing the Hotel Marblehead's new paint job (watch for that shot tomorrow). I finished shooting from Pleasant Street and was disappointed in the lack of fog or a nice sunrise and was all set to turn back home when I decided to continue down to Fort Beach and see what had become of the tree. Last time I turned onto Front Street, [...]

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Marblehead’s Giving Tree at Fort Sewall

Since moving to Marblehead in 2008, I must have made the drive up Front Street toward Fort Sewall hundreds of times. Last night as I drove up, I felt like I had been punched in the gut - the tree at the edge of the Fort was broken. There are lots of trees at Fort Sewall but I bet you knew immediately which one I was talking about. The great canopy of Marblehead's Giving Tree was instantly recognizable from land and sea as one looked out toward Fort Sewall. It has formed the focal point of many of my images [...]

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Moon over Fort Sewall

One more shot of the full moon that rose on the first day of Spring. I had decided to shoot the moonrise from Fort Sewall and was really hoping it would appear low on the horizon to frame it behind Childrens Island. Thick haze forced me to shoot a different composition which I was happy with and, after capturing the shot, I decided to head back to my car. On the way down the hill, I kept looking back over my shoulder and stopped in front of Fort Beach when I spotted the moon positioned behind the great tree at [...]

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Snow Day at Fort Sewall

Shortly after moving to Marblehead, I captured my favorite image of Fort Sewall with I found the red arches and this tree perfectly coated in fresh snow. I entered that image in the Marblehead Festival of Arts in 2008 and realized too late I had misspelled the title as Fort Sewell. Too late to change it, the photo was rejected - it still hangs over my desk at home. I returned to Fort Sewall during each snow storm to try to recapture that scene with a better camera and without the snowbank that always bugged me but never found the [...]

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Harvest Moon under the Tree at Fort Sewall

In the past week, my wife and both kids have celebrated birthday - needless to say, I haven't had a chance to shoot lately and especially not the recent full moon.  Thankfully, I captured several images of the Harvest moon that rose on October 4th and haven't had a chance to share them yet. I had decided to capture the Harvest Moon from along Front Street.  I started off at Lovis Cove and then walked along Front Street toward Fort Sewall as the moon rose in the evening sky.  At this point I had stopped at Fort Beach to take [...]

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Looking toward Barnegat

A few weeks ago, a picture perfect sky dotted with cumulous clouds passed over Marblehead and I decided to fly my Phantom 4 Pro to take advantage of the conditions.  I had shot over Castle Rock and the Neck earlier in the day and returned home to recharge batteries and grab a quick bite.  As the clouds were still plentiful at 4:00pm, I headed out again - this time to historic downtown. I was trying to decide an a location from which to fly as I drove down Washington Street and pulled into the Old North Church parking lot which [...]

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The Great Tree and the Perfect Storm

This image is the perfect example of the archive that I have built up over these past six years.  On July 24th, a perfect rain cloud passed over Marblehead and I was fortunate to have the camera in my trunk as I drove back into town.  I chased the cloud and great light from 7:30 until 8:10pm capturing a rainbow, beautiful sunset and a variety of images of this rain cloud. Here, I sought to include the great tree at Fort Sewall with a view out towards Marblehead Harbor and the golden light reflecting off the rain cloud.  The small [...]

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Fort Beach Sunset

On February 21st, I visited Fort Sewall to capture a full moon and ended up being treated to a nice Winter sunset.  I began shooting on the far end of Fort Sewall looking out toward Gerry Island and slowly made my way around as the sun set and the colors built up in the sky. As the light began to fade, I found this vantage point from atop Fort Sewall looking out over Fort Beach and the waning light of sunset.  This is one of the few spots where a lack of boats can be helpful to the scene.  In [...]

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Catching the Sunset at Fort Sewall

February 21st ended up being a very productive day with great light affording new compositions of Gerry Island (coming Wednesday) and this view of the great tree at Fort Sewall.  While I've taken photos from this spot before, I don't recall ever including General Glover's plaque in the frame. As the sun set, it lit up the plaque (as well as a house on the Neck) and I composed this image to include the benches looking out over Marblehead Harbor and the tree backlit by a beautiful Winter sunset.

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Childrens Island and the Neck Bathed in Golden Light

On February 21st, I headed to Fort Sewall to chase what was shaping up to be a nice sunset and to capture the moon rising behind the great tree.  As luck would have it, the clouds had moved into a perfect position to reflect and accentuate sunset's golden light and I ended up with a number of keepers from various locations at the fort. This image represents the peak of the golden light that illuminated Childrens Island and the Neck.  I had been shooting over Gerry Island when I spotted the clouds and quickly found a position from which I [...]

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