Fountain park

Fountain Park Moonrise

Last night, the full flower moon rose under picture perfect conditions with clear skies and a warm evening. I had scouted out locations from which to capture the moonrise and had decided on Fountain Park for a different vantage point from the usual spots at Fort Sewall or Front Street. I arrived a bit early and enjoyed standing at the park overlooking Little Harbor, Doaks Lane and Fort Sewall. At 8:12pm, the sunset cannons fired and I managed to capture two of them in a short video. Shortly after that I spotted the moon but had to wait another ten [...]

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Purple Dawn from Fountain Park

Time to go back to the archives as the cold weather and recent return from time in the sun has kept me from shooting this week. This image comes from a dawn outing in December 2011.  This was the start of a very foggy early December day in Marblehead and I had decided on a shot from atop Fountain Park to begin the day as the high tide held the promise of reflecting good morning light.  As you can see, the sky did not disappoint and the water did end up serving as a very good reflector of the purple [...]

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Sunset from Fountain Park

The Sturgeon Moon rises in August and I hoped to catch it on this night from a vantage point at Fountain Park.  As I waited, I tried to find a composition that would include the lighthouse and Little Harbor.  I was pleased to find this angle and even more so when a pair of kayakers paddled into the foreground.  The moon ended up rising a bit early so that it's color lacked the vibrant yellow that came with the moonrise the next night.  I was happy with the way this sunset view turned out.

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