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Keep it Local – Artworks 5 Gallery

Another Friday and another local Marblehead business to feature on the site. This time it is one of the newest local businesses to grace Washington Street - Artworks 5 Gallery. The new gallery is unique in that it serves to showcase beautiful art but also aims to provide an environment where children can create their own works. On my first visit, I made the mistake of assuming all displayed art had been done by kids and was amazed by the talent. When I learned this wasn't the case, I was still floored by several pieces. Do yourself a favor and [...]

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Keep it Local – Haley’s Market Cafe

For those who might be new to the site, I have been running a Keep it Local Friday theme for the past few years.  The goal was and remains to highlight the great local businesses that reside within the town of Marblehead.  My preference has been to capture timeless photos of the storefronts which means trying to do so without cars parked in front.  And that has meant that I typically capture these scenes at dawn during the Winter months when the parking ban is in effect. This year's Keep it Local images were put on hold as I recovered [...]

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A Final Night at Sacks Antiques

Sacks Antiques has been a family business in continuous operation since 1899.  In 1922, the antique shop opened on State Street and has offered collectors a treasure trove of items to choose from over the decades that followed.  Now in its third generation of ownership, Stan's store is sadly closing its doors.  The final sale was happening from December 4-8 and I had ended up on State Street in the midst of a two hour photoshoot capturing scenes of fog when I found myself in front of the shop. The combination of the lamp post in front, the lights on [...]

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Keep it Local – Shubie’s Marketplace

I've wanted to shoot Shubie's for a very long time but hadn't been able to come up with an adequate composition whenever I ventured out.  My most recent failed attempt was a close-up of the great red couch that lies just outside the doors facing Atlantic Avenue. On this particular day, I had been driving down Atlantic Avenue to scout out trees hitting peak bloom.  As I came down towards Shubie's, I again noted the great juxtaposition of Abbot Hall tower in the background immediately behind Shubie's Marketplace.  I decided to pull over as soon as I saw that and figured my [...]

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Keep it Local – Marblehead School of Music

In the past, I had maintained a Keep it Local theme highlighting local businesses with photos taken during the Winter parking snow ban.  For a while now, I have been posting more Experimental images on Friday which was due in large part to a dearth of images of local businesses.  As I searched for a suitable image for today's post, I happened upon this one of the Marblehead School of Music taken in early December at dawn. I had gotten to the National Grand Bank parking lot early that morning in order to photograph the Christmas Tree.  Having arrived a [...]

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Keep it Local – The Stores on Washington Street

Have I mentioned how much I love the parking ban?  I know that it can be a royal pain but I could never capture a scene such as this with cars parked along Washington Street.  The absence of cars removes much of the dating that can happen with photographs and allows the viewer to imagine this street as it was ten, twenty or a hundred years ago.  Only by looking at the signs such as Mahri, Candy Pop Sweet Shoppe, O'Ramas, or Captn's Bakery can you place this scene as belonging to December 2012.  The stores of Old Town make [...]

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Keep it Local – Marblehead Little Theater

Ever since I read about the Marblehead Little Theater building out a new vestibule, I've wanted to get this image.  During the building, I was actually fortunate to be taken up to the (now closed) tower and captured a few scenes for my From the Rooftops series. On this December morning, I was waiting to shoot the Christmas tree at the National Grand lot and walked around the block while waiting for the sun to rise and the light to gather.  I was thrilled to see the Marblehead Little Theater without a car out front and with a few great [...]

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The Menorah at Marblehead Savings Bank

I had been on the lookout for an outdoor menorah to photograph in town but a drive by Temple Emanu-El, the JCC, Sinai and Hillel came up empty.  I turned to the All Marblehead page and received the hint about Marblehead Savings Bank from Lisa Indelicato (another photographer in town).  So on the eighth night of Hanukkah, I headed out to photograph it fully lit.  I arrived at the bank a bit early but watched as the sun started its decent toward the horizon.  I realized that it might dip at just the right angle for a sun star and [...]

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Keep it Local – National Grand Bank

Last Wednesday, while running errands including depositing some checks at the National Grand Bank, I asked about the timing of the lights for the Christmas tree in the parking lot across the street.  I ended up meeting and speaking with Jim Nye, the bank president, and he offered to turn on the lights at dawn the following morning so that I could photograph the tree. I spent some time on this morning shooting that tree and walking around School, Essex and Pleasant Streets to capture some other businesses.  As the light began to show in the morning sky, I decided [...]

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Keep it Local – Boston Ballet

I thought I had run out of 'Keep it Local' images but happened upon this one taken in November of last year.  Just as in yesterday's image of sunset over Leggs Hill, I again had my camera gear with me without any real intention of shooting.  I had gone to the Y to play squash and, on leaving turned and noted dancers at the beam overhead.  I quickly grabbed the camera and had time for this one image before the dancers moved off. I was struck by the contrast of these dancers against the facade of the building.  Black and [...]

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