Crowninshield island

Long Exposure – Clouds Fly Over Browns Island

I remember when I took this photo in February that it had been prompted in large part by someone at the Reporter asking if I had any shots of Brown's (or Crowninshield) Island.  I had to confess I didn't have any that featured the whole island and so I made it a point to head down to Harding Lane and find a good vantage point. I had chosen a day with good clouds and a nice wind and decided to shoot this as a long exposure.  The fading light made exposures quite difficult and I managed a single good image [...]

The Harvest Moon rises over Crowninshield Island

Tonight's Harvest Moon took a while to get through the low-lying haze but, when it did, put on quite a show.  I set up at Grace Oliver beach to capture the moon as it rose along the edge of Crowninshield Island.  I kept chasing the moon as it rose from spots along Beacon street but this was the best of the bunch.

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Crowninshield Road from Crowninshield Island

At the end of Crowninshield Road lies a beautiful house seemingly perched on the edge of the ocean.  As I continued to explore Crowninshield Island, I looked back and noticed this view of the house and the rocks of the island in the foreground.  I liked the balance it gave to the image and the perspective of Marblehead's coast.

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Looking Back at our Town

After walking up the hill and reaching the top of the rocky section on Crowninshield Island, my daughter and I descended and reached an area with a small tide pool.  Looking up, I saw this incredible view of town looking back through Little Harbor at some colorful houses and Abbot Hall in the distance.  As it was low tide, the path to Gerry Island had appeared and, if you look closely, you'll see two people walking along.  They add a nice sense of perspective to the scene.

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The Tree and the Rock on Brown’s Island

I picked up my daughter from camp in late August and, as it was low tide, decided to take her to Crowninshield island.  We found ourselves walking across the flats that appeared as the water receded and then made our way past the dune grass up a small hill.  As we walked, I saw this scene of  a lone tree and rock on perfectly green grass under a great blue sky.  My first thought was of the classic Windows XP desktop background and I composed this shot to mimic the framing in that iconic photo (though it lacked this great [...]

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