Fishing off the Causeway

I think Summer officially peaked for me on Sunday, August 7th with this walk atop the causeway surrounded by scene after scene exemplifying the beauty of a Marblehead Summer.  Before capturing the closer view of a packed Devereux Beach, I happened upon a man standing more than waist deep in the Atlantic Ocean and fishing off the causeway. I watched him for a little while as I composed this image and waited for cars to pass by.  I didn't see him catch anything but he seemed quite content as the waves pushed and pulled at him.  I loved the proximity [...]

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Fishing off Preston Beach

This day has put me in a monochrome mood and this is a recent favorite in black and white.  I was out at Preston beach at the end of May shooting the sunset and some long exposures when I saw this guy make his way out to the edge of the rocks.  I ran across the beach to try to place him in alignment with the distant island.  The sea was calm and the sky cloudless so I focused on the main elements with a plan to convert this to a black and white image.  I love how you can [...]

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Fishing in the Storm

We had a short break from the rain on Sunday and so I took my son out to Fort Sewall for some exploration.  The sea was choppy and large waves crashed on the rocks as we were there at high tide.  When we reached the edge of the hill, we noticed this lone fisherman on the rocks.  His perch was precarious and the waves crashed all around him.  It looked like a rogue wave could have toppled him at any moment but he remained there casting his line into the water.  After a good 20 minutes of watching him, they [...]

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