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Top 10 of 2021 – #8 – October Dawn

I wrote at the time: "As a photographer, I’ve learned to trust my sixth sense which includes when I wake up before dawn, it means conditions are good for a sunrise shoot. With that in mind, I silently left the house at 6am and drove along Humphrey Street trying to judge the light. I spotted some faint pinks in the sky and turned onto Ocean then Atlantic before deciding to make my way to Front Street where the light seemed strongest." Strong turned out to be an understatement as pink-purple light positively erupted in the sky over Fort Beach on [...]

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Low Tide at Fort Beach

On Wednesday, I headed out the door to chase storms at Riverhead (that shot is coming tomorrow) before making my way to Fort Beach in the hopes of capturing a rainbow (I didn't but got one at Castle Rock an hour later).  While at Fort Beach, I wandered up and down Front Street in search of new compositions that did not rely on the Great Tree at the Fort. When i moved far enough over, I was able to hide the emptiness of Fort Sewall with some foliage while also lucking out with a scattered collection of boats at low [...]

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Taking Flight at Devereux Beach

On August 3rd, I was at Devereux Beach grabbing ice cream with my wife when a very nice sunset formed. It was low tide so I was able to get fairly far down the beach and took several images facing back toward the causeway. I then turned and noticed the first birds taking flight and headed toward me so I fired off a few shots hoping to catch them. I will often clone out a random bird or plane in an image if it doesn't offer anything to the composition. In this case, I thought the birds taking flight at [...]

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Low Tide Sunset

On Saturday night, my wife and I headed down to the Neck Run Cafe for after-dinner ice cream and a walk along the causeway. I had thrown my camera in the car (just in case) - the clouds did show some promise. As we finished up the scoops and turned back, I spotted the first hint of color in the evening sky. I grabbed my camera from the car while my wife stayed behind and headed down to the water's edge. The tide was at 0 feet and I had plenty of space to capture the whole of this low [...]

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Summer Sunrise at Doliber Cove

On Wednesday, July 1, a storm was predicted for Marblehead as was early morning fog.  With that in mind, I set the alarm clock for 4:30am in hopes of capturing a beautiful dawn and Summer sunrise at Doliber Cove. I arrived to low tide and lackluster light but that all changed as the sun began to rise above the horizon and clouds started to shift in the sky.  I moved from my original vantage point to create a more dynamic composition and was really happy with the way this came out. The boats in the water, houses along Crowninshield road [...]

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Low Tide in Marblehead – Riverhead Beach

Continuing from Friday's introduction to this week's theme, here is the wider view of Riverhead beach.  You can see the float that I had stood on for the earlier image in the center of the frame and hopefully appreciate just how low the tide had been to allow me to walk along Riverhead beach to the water's edge. From here, I had quickly returned to the causeway where I captured this image and then turned my attention to Devereux Beach...  Come back tomorrow for that image.

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Low Tide in Marblehead – Boats in the Harbor

This is the first in a series that will span all of next week exploring the area around the causeway during an incredibly low tide in Marblehead.  I had gone out on Tuesday night as clouds had been building during the day and I was hoping for a repeat of the incredible light at sunset the night before (which I had watched from a window). As I headed out, I checked the tides and noted they were at very low levels in large part due to the recent 'super moon' that had just set that morning.  I decided to drive [...]

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