Ram island

Catching the Moon Rise at Bass Rock Lane

On Tuesday, June 30th, my daughter was attending a cooking class at Shubies that was due to end at 7pm.  Realizing that pickup would tie in closely to sunset, I grabbed my camera and two old ones for the kids and went out with my son to pick her up.  We grabbed some ice cream at Terry's next door and I tried to figure out the best spot to take them.  The sunset didn't hold much promise and so we drove home.  Along the way, I spotted the moon rising over the water and decided on a last minute detour [...]

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Full Double Rainbow over Marblehead

On Monday night, I shared the story and first image from my wild race to capture the incredible double rainbow that took shape at sunset over Marblehead.  [LINK] As I mentioned, I had driven to Bass Rock Lane as it was the closest spot to the house offering unobstructed views of the water.  Shortly after capturing the image of a double rainbow that I shared immediately after coming home, I turned the camera to the portrait/vertical orientation and fired off 6 shots in the hopes of capturing the full double rainbow. While the earlier shot required little in the way [...]

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Full Rainbow over Ram’s Island

I was just finishing the last page in the Percy Jackson book I had been reading to my son when I hear my wife scream.  She opened the door and told me to grab my camera and get out as fast as possible.  As soon as I stepped outside I saw the most vibrant rainbow I had ever seen.  I knew I had minutes to shoot it and drove out as fast as I could to the nearest spot with a good vantage point - Spray Avenue.  I parked, swapped out to put my widest lens on and ran down [...]

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Sunset over Rams and Tinkers Island

While this image was not taken during the same outing as the four others shared this week, it was also taken on that same Wednesday in Marblehead.  I had returned home and started working on the images you've seen already when the sky started to turn again and I began to wonder if we might be treated to a great sunset.  I had trouble deciding where to go but found myself at Preston beach just as the sun dipped below the clouds.  When it did, it lit up Rams and Tinker's Islands in a great reddish glow. The tricky part [...]

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Ram Island Surrounded by Sea Smoke

On Wednesday morning, I woke up early and hoped to capture some sea smoke.  Unfortunately, it wasn't quite cold enough and I had to settle for a pretty awesome sunrise.  On Thursday, I figured there was no hope of shooting anything.  I had to drop off my son at school at 7:55 and head to work in Danvers afterwards.  When my wife texted me from the JCC to tell me there was sea smoke on the water, however, plans changed.  I still dropped off my son but then ran to the car and drove out to Bass Rock Lane.  I [...]

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