A Shining Star on New Years Day – First Sunrise of 2016

A photographer friend of mine recently commented that New Years doesn't begin at midnight for starts with the first sunrise.  And so, while most were just waking up to the new year, I headed out in the predawn hours for St. Michael's church and a trip to the top of the steeple.  I had made some plans a few days earlier to meet Steve Clay and Ed Nilsson at the church and capture this first sunrise of 2016 from this unique vantage point. As a quick aside, I had welcomed 2012 with a sunrise shoot atop Old North Church and [...]

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Along the Avenue

In April 2012, I was fortunate to be taken up in a Cessna for a flight over Marblehead.  I've written about this flight on a number of past posts and have shared various images from the short but productive trip. As I looked through the 'to be posted' folder for images to share this week, I found this one taken as we passed over Atlantic Avenue.  I immediately spotted Shubies and Marblehead Bank among the other retailers and homes that can be found along the avenue. Here are more images from that flight over Marblehead:

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Flying over Marblehead Neck and the Causeway

Almost exactly three years ago, I ventured up in a Cessna with a friend to capture scenes of Marblehead from the ultimate 'rooftop'.  I had recently come up with the Rooftop Thursday series and was thrilled when a friend invited me to Beverly Airport for a flight over the North Shore. As I explained previously, unexpected winds started to blow shortly before takeoff and made an already nervous passenger grip his armrest for dear life.  Between small bouts of turbulence that felt much bigger in a small plane, I managed a few shots of Marblehead as it crossed below. This [...]

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Crocker Park and Marblehead Neck from atop Abbot Hall

There's something about seeing the Town of Marblehead from above that quite literally changes your perspective of areas you've visited countless times.  This image comes from my journey up the scaffolding surrounding Abbot Hall tower in early December. I've shared a number of images from this unique position so far which serve to highlight the layout of the town and its iconic buildings.  Here you can see Crocker Park encircled by houses and a mere stone's throw from Marblehead Neck and the lighthouse across the harbor.

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From Atop Marblehead Light

On July 2, 2014, I was fortunate to be invited to the top of Marblehead Light.  The climb was more difficult than I imagined with a sharply winding staircase within the small diameter of the lighthouse's central column.  Once atop Marblehead Light, the view more than made up for any difficulties. I've shared a number of images from this unique vantage point but none in this direction.  I was fortunate to have some clouds to offset the blue sky of this Summer day and, for a brief moment, the clouds blocked the sun leading the sun rays forming below.  I [...]

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Historic Downtown from the Rooftops of Abbot Hall

Can you believe this image of historic downtown from atop Abbot Hall was taken in early December?  I can only imagine the view now with snow as far as the eye can see. I continue to feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to capture our town from this unique vantage point atop the scaffolding that encircled Abbot Hall during its much needed renovations. This view of historic downtown from atop Abbot Hall features the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, St. Michael's, Grace Community and Old North Church as well as a number of stores along Washington Street.

From the Rooftops – Crocker Park and Marblehead Light

For a break from the snow, here is an image taken from atop the scaffolding around Abbot Hall in late November.  I have shared a few images from this incredible vantage point already but have many more still to come. In this image, I focused on Crocker Park and the surrounding houses with the Neck and Marblehead Light in the distance beyond a nearly empty Marblehead harbor.

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From the Rooftops – Western View from Abbot Hall Tower

For this From the Rooftops Thursday, we return to the top of Abbot Hall Tower where I was fortunate to find myself on an early December morning.  I had climbed the scaffolding surrounding Abbot Hall to help document the work being done to restore the tower to its full beauty and function.  However, once up at the top of the scaffolding, I couldn't help but capture views of Marblehead from this incredible vantage point. In this image, I was facing roughly southwest from where I could angle the camera to include much of the Town of Marblehead and, in the [...]

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From the Rooftops: Abbot Hall’s new Clock Face

I've shared two images from atop the scaffolding which surrounded Abbot Hall during its much needed recent restoration.  One of the reasons I was able to climb to the top for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was that I was capturing images of the work as it unfolded.  One of the requests was for images of detail work and the new clock face. On this day, I had waited at the base of the scaffolding from sunrise until the crew had gathered and begun taking their positions throughout the scaffolding.  I climbed up as fast as I was able and reached this [...]

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Historic Marblehead and Harbor from Atop Abbot Hall

I mentioned in yesterday's post that a combination of luck, circumstances and a commission to document the effort to restore Abbot Hall led me to the top of the scaffolding surrounding the building in November.  While I spent much of my allotted time photographing details of the work, I couldn't help but take in the incredible views of historic Marblehead and harbor from atop Abbot Hall. This is my favorite view from this once-in-a-lifetime vantage point with all of historic downtown captured in a single frame.  The harbor and Marblehead Light can be seen in the distance as can many [...]

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