Running to Shore at Devereux Beach

Back to Tuesday, September 9th for this image to finish off the week.  I had gone out to shoot the sunset during an astronomically low tide in early September.  Before the sky exploded in color, I had spotted a few kids running in and out of the water on what was a very warm evening. I captured this frame as the boy was in mid-stride running to shore at Devereux Beach.  Felt like a good image to share as the days get shorter and colder. Enjoy the weekend!

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Waves and Mist at Preston Beach

On Saturday, September 27, Marblehead was treated to a warm up that made it feel like Summer again.  I went down to Phillips Beach in Swampscott with my wife and kids and decided to walk over to Preston Beach in Marblehead along the water as the tide began to roll out. As I looked back, I noticed the low lying mist that seemed to be coming from water evaporating from the warm sand.  The mist combined with the high tide made for an interesting scene and I bent low to capture it as a wave rolled to shore.

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Low Tide in Marblehead – Smooth Sand at Devereux Beach

The series of six images captured during an incredibly low tide in Marblehead comes to a close with this final shot.  I was in awe of the smooth sand at Devereux Beach that resulted from the astronomically low tide (-1.5 feet). After capturing the pink sky in the other direction, I turned toward the setting sun and the beautiful light that still glowed strong in the early evening.  With the rocks in the foreground, the smooth ocean water and scattered clouds reflecting the sun's last light, I couldn't ask for much more for this week's finale. I have a few [...]

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Low Tide in Marblehead – Pink Sky over Devereux Beach

The sky was erupting in pink at this point so, as soon as I finished capturing yesterday's image (had to wait for a break in traffic), I turned my attention back to Devereux Beach.  The smooth sand and water were doing wonders at reflecting the pink sky over Devereux Beach and I found this composition perfectly captured the feel of awe and wonder I felt standing on the causeway. I bet most 'Headers would be hard pressed to identify this sandy beach as Devereux (though the houses along the Neck in the distance give it away). It's so refreshing to [...]

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Sunset Cloud at Devereux Beach

Yesterday, I shared the image of cannon fire at sunset.  Before crossing the causeway, I had stopped at Devereux Beach and noticed this single cloud reflecting the golden light of the setting sun.  I chose a portrait orientation so that I could include the light reflecting off the ocean water and the surf along the sand. Seemed like a perfect image heading into the Memorial Day weekend.

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November Sunset over Devereux Beach

Here is another image taken this past Sunday when all the elements seemed to line up to offer a great Fall sunset.  As the clouds developed overhead, I made my way down to Devereux beach and set about exploring the light and movement of the ocean.  I noted that, since Superstorm Sandy came and went, the sand seemed much finer and lacking the rocks that had always characterized this stretch of beach.  When I chose this spot for the image, I felt a bit like I was on another smooth beach in the Carolinas rather than Devereux in Marblehead.  Then [...]

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Blue Dawn on Devereux Beach

I have to admit that it took me a minute to remember where I took this image when I looked through the archives for today's post.  This was taken in early May during the blue hour that precedes the dawn.  With the incredibly low tide and some leftover moisture on the sand, Devereux beach took on a great mirrored appearance.  If it wasn't for the familiar lamp posts on the causeway, I probably would have been scratching my head for a while longer trying to remember where I was when I took this.  Hope you enjoy this calm morning view [...]

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Long Exposure – Crumbling Sand at Preston Beach

Another early image - this is the first long exposure that I took in Marblehead and again seems fitting for a theme of the week.  I was exploring Preston beach at sunset on May 27th and found the outflow track from the drainage pipe had formed this great channel in the sand.  I set up the camera on a tripod and took a few images as the sun set and the blue hour began.  The sand kept crumbling into the rushing water and, during this 25 second exposure, it had just calved and created this beautiful passage. Make sure you [...]

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In the Blue Hour at Devereux Beach

The blue hour (which often lasts minutes rather than a full hour) is found between the darkness of twilight and the light of dawn.  It occurs again after sunset but before full dusk.  It's a great time to be out shooting and, on this particular day, I had decided to venture down to Devereux beach. The original plan for this morning was to chase the supermoon setting but those clouds near the horizon spoiled that plan.  Instead I found myself on the beach at low tide with the sand still wet and forming a beautifully reflective surface.  I managed a [...]

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Marblehead Rowing Club

Today's planned Halloween-themed entry will be postponed due to snow.  In its place, here is a warm picture to help you forget about those early flakes on the ground in October of all times!  The Marblehead Rowing Club has a great mission statement: A community based rowing club located on the North shore of Massachusetts whose members share a love for salt water recreational rowing and the spirit of friendship between each other. The club took part in the Rotary Great Race several months ago with a course that ended at Devereux beach.  I found this kayak lying on the sand after [...]

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