Tuckers Wharf Dawn

I was looking for an image to share and happened upon this one captured as the sun appeared over Marblehead Neck just after dawn on October 3rd. I was standing at Tuckers Wharf to try to maximize the number of boats seen in the harbor. I lucked out with the light on this morning as it transitioned from a yellow-orange dawn to a pink sunrise.  I love these late sunrises in the fall solely for the opportunity to get out and capture them at a reasonable hour.

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Reflections on a Good Summer

I was looking for a photo to share having built up my 'to be posted' archive with several productive outings and happened upon this image captured at dawn on October 3rd. I had lucked out with a far nicer than expected dawn and sunrise and made sure to capture it with various compositions. Here I tried to accentuate the reflections of boats on the still waters of Marblehead Harbor which was serving almost like a mirror to bring color throughout the scene. As I tried to figure out a good title, I thought that 'Reflections on a Good Summer' suited [...]

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Break of Dawn at Lovis Cove

So this is where I started on Sunday morning during the break of dawn. I stood on Front Street between the Barnacle and a private home looking down at Lovis Cove (also known as 'Screeching Lady beach'). I was pretty happy with my first few images as the sky picked up the color of the rising sun but then decided to walk a bit further down Front Street and lucked out as the sky exploded in color less than 10 minutes later. I mentioned the alternative name for Lovis Cove when i shared the other photo Sunday morning and had [...]

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October Dawn

As a photographer, I've learned to trust my sixth sense which includes when I wake up before dawn, it means conditions are good for a sunrise shoot. With that in mind, I silently left the house at 6am and drove along Humphrey Street trying to judge the light. I spotted some faint pinks in the sky and turned onto Ocean then Atlantic before deciding to make my way to Front Street where the light seemed strongest. I started shooting at Screeching Lady cove but then walked further down Front Street and took in this scene at Fort Beach. The sky [...]

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Dawn’s Early Light

On Sunday morning, I awoke just after 5am and decided to make the most of that with a photo outing at the State Street Landing. I had checked sunrise location and times and thought I read that the sun would cross the horizon at 6:20am. Given that, I drove out early and arrived at State Street to find a slowly developing yellow-orange glow of dawn's early light. The light had a great effect on the still waters of Marblehead Harbor but, within minutes, had disappeared leaving a mostly grey view. I waited and waited but did not see signs of [...]

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First Dawn – Little Harbor

So technically not really 'first dawn' which would imply January 1st but it seemed like a nice play on words with First Harbor and dawn... This was captured on the morning of April 15th when I lucked out with the second nice dawn outing in a row. I shared one image earlier of Gerry Island after the sun broke the horizon but this one was taken about 5 minutes earlier. I had zoomed out to 24mm to capture the whole of Little Harbor with Gerry Island as well as the edge of Brown's Island on the left and the houses [...]

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An Empty Harbor Awaits

After getting out to shoot for the first time in weeks on Sunday, I awoke early this morning and checked the weather to see if the sunrise might be worth another outing. The cloud cover looked promising and, when Matt Noyes mentioned a nice sunrise on NECN, I knew I had to head out the door.  I drove to Hammond Park first but found the composition options limited from there. I then headed to the State Street Landing and walked to the right onto Tuckers Wharf where I found a nice angle for capturing the dawn. As the sun began [...]

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Top 10 of 2020 – #3 – Little Harbor Dawn

I struggle some years with whether to include a recent image not knowing if it will stay a favorite once the short term memories of taking it have worn off. This image of dawn in Little Harbor was not a tough decision. I knew the moment I clicked the shutter that this would be one of my favorites of 2020 and, coming in December after such a long year, made it even more enjoyable. For the sheer beauty of light on a very late dawn (nearly 7am) in Marblehead, this is my third favorite image of Marblehead taken in 2020.

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Morning Dew and Brilliant Dawn

One more image from that brilliant dawn at Little Harbor from the morning of December 12th. I had played around with compositions and moved closer and closer to the Little Harbor Lobster Company to try to line up Marblehead Light in the distance with the boats moored in the mid-field. Rather than zooming in for a tight shot, I decided to use the morning dew on the wall to frame the scene and add more color with the water reflecting the light in the sky. This may be my last shared image in 2020. Going to work on my Top [...]

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Little Harbor Dawn

The light really doesn't get much better than this view of Little Harbor at dawn... On Saturday, December 12th, I woke before the dawn and headed down to Little Harbor hoping the old adage 'red sky in morning, sailor take warning' might prove true with predictions of strong rains later in the day. I arrived to find a mostly empty harbor and the first hint of light in the sky. I started shooting when the lights turned on in one of the working boats headed out for the day and kept at it as the sky brightened. Twenty minutes after [...]

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