Gerry island

The Road Back to Town

The path between Gerry Island the main land is one of the most magical pieces of Marblehead - appearing twice a day like clockwork at low tide and disappearing without a trace as the tide rolls back in. I was out on Gerry Island hoping for a solid sunset backdrop for this image of the boats and houses along Doaks Lane.  While the sunset never materialized, I still really liked this image of the road back to town leading the eye toward the mainland. Have a great weekend!

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The Boat Ramp in Barnegat

This was the first stop I made last Wednesday as a storm passed Marblehead and left behind incredible light.  I had seen this scene develop from the comforts of my home thanks to the First Harbor webcam and quickly jumped into my car and headed down to this area known to locals as Barnegat. At this point, the sky overhead was still grey and the best light could be seen close to the horizon and over Gerry Island with Marblehead Light in the distance.  I parked near Marblehead Lobster Company and explored a few compositions before deciding on this one. [...]

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Waves Roll in to Little Harbor

While I've shared a few images from the night of February 21st, this spot is where I spent the majority of the evening.  It had been another of the 50+ degree days that seemed to fill most of this Winter and I had left for Fort Sewall to capture the sunset. On arriving at the Fort, I decided to walk to its far side and found wave after wave coming into Little Harbor between Fort Sewall and Gerry Island.  As it was low tide, rocks dotted the foreground below and one patch of ice clung to the rocks facing open [...]

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Gerry Island Bathed in Sea Smoke

Sunday, February 14th saw record low temperatures and the most incredible display of sea smoke in Marblehead.  I spent much of the morning shooting from Fort Beach and Fort Sewall toward Marblehead Light.  When the sun rose high enough in the sky to make further compositions less interesting, I got back into the warm car and drove off to capture other familiar scenes bathed in sea smoke. Gerry Island was only a short way from my spot on Fort Beach so I drove past the lobster shanties and made my way there next.  I had checked the tides the night before [...]

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A Snow Lined Road to Gerry Island

This image of a snow lined road leading to Gerry Island comes from another January snow storm - this time January 16, 2013.  Again, a morning snow storm allowed me to go out and capture the falling snow at a few locations around town.  When I realized it was low tide, I made it a point to head to Gerry Island hoping for this composition. The road to Gerry Island appears at low tide but capturing snow on the path requires the snow storm to have minimal wind and waves.  Such was not the case for the storm that just [...]

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Under the Clouds

One more warm image to finish off the week.  This one comes from August 5th and a trip out to Gerry Island when I noticed these great clouds forming overhead. I realized that I had never captured an image of Gerry Island on its own so I switched to a vertical orientation and used the clouds in the sky to break up the otherwise monotonous blue.

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Gerry and Brown’s Islands under a Cloud Filled Sky

As the unofficial last week of Summer comes to a close (school starts next week!!!), I wanted to share an image that might transport you to a warm and happy place.  This image of Gerry and Brown's Islands was taken on Wednesday, August 5th at 2pm.  While I tend to shoot in the early morning hours or much later in the day, I decided to head out when I spotted cumulous clouds in the sky for just this type of image. Shooting in mid-day can be harder with harsh light and no shadows but, with the right amount of clouds [...]

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Gerry Island in the Fog

Continuing this week's black and white theme comes this image from May 5, 2012.  We had fog again to coincide with the carnival being in town and I had been shooting at Fort Sewall when I looked out and noted it was high tide.  I quickly made my way down Fort Beach Lane and to this location where I could shoot Gerry Island in the fog. I decided to take advantage of the thick fog and leave a lot of negative space above the island to add to the mood of isolation.  You can just make out a reflection of [...]

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Full Lot at Little Harbor

This photo comes from September 28 and a trip around town hunting for early signs of Fall foliage. I ended up at the landing near the Marblehead Lobster company and found the waters of Little Harbor still filled with boats and subtle colors on Gerry Island.  Composed this image to include the full length of Gerry Island, Marblehead Light in the distance and the boat ramp leading into the water.

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First Sunset of 2014 – Little Harbor and the Lighthouse

The New Year started off very nicely on Wednesdays in Marblehead.  I shared my annual year end slideshow to a very warm reception and then found myself at Redd's Pond where I was a bit surprised to see so many kids on the ice either learning to skate or taking part in pick up hockey games.  I shared a quick iPhone shot of that scene and must have triggered a fair share of memories as even more people seemed to identify with that image than the video. A bit later in the day, I brought my son to Redd's Pond [...]

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