Gerry island

Little Rainbow

It's a bit ironic that I had gone out on July 30th in the hopes of capturing a rainbow over Little Harbor but ended up wiht such a nice sunset that this shot of that little rainbow ended up as the fifth (and last) of the images shared from this outing. I had arrived to the Little Harbor Lobster Company lot at a little before 7:30pm and stayed in the car watching for signs of a rainbow after a summer rain passed through. I only noticed the one you see here by chance and managed to get this one shot [...]

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Flying over Gracies

How about an aerial image to close out the week? This shot was captured with my Phantom 4 Pro on August 6, 2017 as I was flying over Gracies and rose up 400 feet to take in the full view of Little Harbor, Brown's Island, Gerry Island, Fort Sewall and the edge of Chandler Hovey Park on the Neck. With full foliage and boats dotting the waters, this seemed like a nice view to finish out the week and get us through the projected freezing cold (and snow?!?!?) that is due to fall tomorrow...

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First Harbor Sunrise

I woke up in time for the sunrise on Saturday, September 6th and made the most of it by driving down to Little Harbor. I lucked out with the pink sky reflecting off the calm water and creating a beautiful First Harbor sunrise. Even better, one of the lobster boats had its lights on as the crew got ready for a day out at sea. You can also spot two kayakers out in the water enjoying a morning row.

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Rusted Rail on Gerry Island

On July 18, 2015 I walked across the low tide land bridge to Gerry Island and explored the rocky edges as the sun slowly set. I stopped at this rusted rail that appeared to have broken off and fallen. I imagine it once helped mark a path around the island but had fallen from a Nor'Easter long since forgotten.

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Looking Back at Doaks Lane

On August 17, 2015, I made my way onto Gerry Island before sunset using the low tide path to cross. I had this particular image in mind and hoped for a nice sunset but had to make due with a single cloud in the sky and soft light. The compressed view of the stacked houses and Old North Church made up for the somewhat lackluster sky. With Gerry Island now apparently stripped of overgrowth, I'm looking forward to returning to this spot with a longer lens for some new compositions.

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Beacon of Light in the Fog

On Sunday night after capturing the image of the Christmas tree on the First Harbor dinghy, I turned towards Marblehead Light and noticed that it was the only sign of color on this foggy night. I decided to capture the lighthouse decked out in strings of lights for the holiday using a long-exposure. The 30 second image time served to calm the waters of little harbor and accentuate the foggy mood looking out past Gerry Island towards Chandler Hovey Park. The small aperture of the lens also helped add a small star to the light produced by the green beacon [...]

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Looking toward Barnegat

A few weeks ago, a picture perfect sky dotted with cumulous clouds passed over Marblehead and I decided to fly my Phantom 4 Pro to take advantage of the conditions.  I had shot over Castle Rock and the Neck earlier in the day and returned home to recharge batteries and grab a quick bite.  As the clouds were still plentiful at 4:00pm, I headed out again - this time to historic downtown. I was trying to decide an a location from which to fly as I drove down Washington Street and pulled into the Old North Church parking lot which [...]

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Gerry Island Sunset

On June 9, I had gone out to capture the moonrise from Fort Sewall and brought my Phantom 4 Pro drone along to see how that might handle the full moon rising over the harbor.  Before the moon could rise, the sun set and I found myself with the wrong lens and poorly positioned to capture it from the ground. I quickly launched the drone and flew it over the water to this spot looking down on Glover Island at high tide.  The sun was just about to dip below the horizon as I captured this image of the last [...]

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Dawn on Little Harbor

This past weekend, I had an Allergy conference to attend in Boston.  That meant early morning wake ups and, on Saturday, I noted an incredible dawn from our house and quickly scanned the webcams in marblehead to find that the water had turned to a brilliant red display in one of the more impressive views of dawn on Little Harbor I had seen.  Unfortunately, all of this played out on my computer screen.  As Sunday's conference schedule was due to start a bit later, I decided to leave the house for Little Harbor and hoped for a nice repeat dawn [...]

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Bertha under the Harvest Moon

My son and I went out to watch the Harvest Moon rise tonight over Marblehead.  I've shot the Harvest Moon several times and always favored a composition including the lighthouse.  Today, I decided to head down Beacon Street and shoot the full moon as it rose over Gerry Island, Childrens Island and boats moored in Little Harbor. Despite some haze at the horizon, the full Harvest Moon was a brilliant sight to behold.  I composed this image to include the working boat Bertha in the frame.  I've got a panorama of the full scene below.

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