Summer Sunsets are the Best (name this beach)

Today's image comes from a never-ending Summer sunset that took place on July 18th.  I started shooting this sunset at 8pm on Parker Lane and it finally finished up at 8:18pm as I made my way to the small beach along the harbor on the Neck side of the causeway. I guess this is still considered part of Riverhead Beach as I can't find any other names for this small beach.  If you know of its proper name, please let me know.

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Riding out the Storm

For the second time this May, Marblehead was drenched by a long-lasting rain storm.  In between trying to protect the foundation of our new addition (it made it through fine both times), I spent most of today taking care of errands and tried to let my wife enjoy her mother's day.  As the day neared its end, I noted the clearing and brightening skies and left the house for a bit hoping to catch a rainbow or solid sunset. I drove out to Chandler Hovey Park but wasn't thrilled with the light and ended up crossing the causeway again and [...]

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Fifteen Degree Sunset

This is the dorkiest title I have ever given to an image but I just couldn't come up with anything good... After capturing images with the Phantom 4 Pro from above Devereux beach on Monday night, I switched over to the real camera and set about capturing a Winter beach sunset.  While most of the good light was down the beach, I kept my eye on this diagonal band of clouds and switched to this composition as they picked up the light of the setting sun.  I timed the shot to capture the gentle surf coming ashore. As for the title, [...]

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Winter Beach Sunset – From above the Ocean and the Edge of the Waves

Last night, I drove out to Devereux Beach with both drone and camera in hand hoping to capture a nice Winter beach sunset.  I had started to become comfortable flying the Phantom 4 Pro and was now looking to start pushing its boundaries to see what I could do that was more creative.  At the same time, I didn't want to miss out on shooting a nice sunset with the real camera. I made it to Devereux beach with plenty of time to spare and set up the drone first.  I crossed the causeway and found the combination of water and [...]

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Churning Waves and the Lifeguard Chair

As a storm makes its way up the East coast, I'm reminded of this view of churning waves and the lifeguard chair from early September.  The storm that threatened us then led only to some incredible waves and awesome surfing scenes amidst picture perfect weather.  Here's hoping that Florida receives nothing more than a glancing blow and that we see some more wave action headed our way.

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Watching the Waves Roll In

By the time all was said and done on Labor Day, I had visited Devereux Beach three separate times and captured wildly different images with each visit.  On this occasion, I had stopped in near high tide before heading to Castle Rock and found that most of the surfers had departed.  Instead of shooting people in the water, I tried to find interesting compositions of people watching the waves roll in to shore. As I ducked under the causeway to shoot waves crashing against the rocks, I looked up and saw feet dangling overhead.  I quickly recomposed this shot to [...]

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Surfs Up – Devereux Beach, Marblehead

It's not often that we get great surfing waves in Marblehead but, when they arrive, Devereux Beach can get crowded with surfers very quickly.  As post-tropical storm Hermine churned off the coast, she sent strong waves heading West right toward Devereux Beach.  I had expected rain and grey clouds to accompany the storm but it stayed far enough off shore to produce a beautiful warm day in Marblehead with strong (but not overpowering) winds. I headed down to Devereux Beach at 9:45am and again at 11:00am to capture images of surfing in Marblehead.  I had only done this once before [...]

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Winter Sunset on Devereux Beach

As the days get shorter and Summer reaches its end, I'm reminded of the beauty of Winter sunsets in Marblehead.  The colors of sunsets in the Winter are quite different than their Summer variants.  At the same time, the timing of those early sunsets and the rapidity with which the light changes makes them far more challenging to capture. This image was taken on December 4, 2011 during a high tide on Devereux Beach.  I setup my tripod in the wet sand and had thought ahead so was wearing waterproof boots.  I still had to time the shot just right [...]

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The Cool Waters of Grace Oliver Beach

This week's images all come from the 'to be published' archive and, specifically, 2011.  Today's shot was captured on a mid-June day at Grace Oliver Beach during the high tide.  The still cool water offered a bit of a challenge in getting this image but I couldn't resist the great morning light or the calm waters of this favorite Marblehead beach. For those new to town, Grace Oliver Beach is located off Beacon Street.  It was named after the woman who lived in a house on nearby Doliber Point during the 19th century. The water remains shallow past the far rock and is [...]

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Calm Sunset at Preston Beach

On July 23rd, I had headed to Preston Beach hoping for a nice sunset as a storm approached.  I started off shooting the incredibly calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean as the clouds began to reflect the light of the setting sun.  Little did I know that only 10 minutes later I would be shooting a brilliant pink-red sky with rainbows and lightning bolts. With the recent warm days, many of our beaches have been packed as people flock to the ocean to find some solace from the heat.  It was nice to have the beach to myself on this [...]

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