Heron at Sunset at Wyman Cove

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had only learned about Wyman Cove recently and had decided to make my way there on Tuesday, June 17 at sunset to see what compositions might result.  As I reached the end of the path leading to Wyman Cove, I stood and took in this scene before me.  The grass formed a great frame for the scene with private piers poking out to the right.  A wooded section of Salem can be seen beyond the water and the light was reflecting beautifully off the still waters in Salem harbor. I had to wait [...]

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Impossibly Beautiful – Fences in the Snow and the Ocean Beyond

Continuing with this week's theme of images captured on the morning of Thursday, February 6 after 10-12 inches of snow fell on Marblehead, we come to this impossibly beautiful scene. After capturing the image at Fort Sewall and then the tree lined street of Glendale Road, I noticed the clouds were lighting up and decided to head to a nearby favorite vantage point. I arrived at Bass Rock Lane to find much of the lane that extends to the Atlantic ocean beyond covered with unmarked snow. I hated to disturb the snow and so I set up a vertical shot [...]

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Crashing Waves at Greystone Beach

You know things are bad when posting an image of crashing waves after a long and brutal storm actually cheers me up and helps me forget about the miserable cold outside with snow still on the ground.  This particular image was taken on Saturday, March 9th after that long storm finally moved off but seemed to still be churning up a significant amount of wave action in its wake. I had already been to Preston Beach for a solid hour shooting the waves as they hit the wall when I decided to drive over to Greystone Beach.  The waves were [...]

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Coming to port with an aerial escort

As we neared The Landing under the incredibly dramatic sky, I noted this view with Abbot Hall's tower jutting up behind the homes lining the harbor.  As luck would have it, a seagull appeared and decided to fly to just the right point to make the composition stand out (I promise he/she is real and has not been Photoshopped into place).  It's no wonder that this is such a sailing town when you can experience such views when you return to harbor (let alone all that you see when you leave our protected waters).

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