Childrens Island

Children’s Island

On Saturday, the YMCA chartered the Hannah Glover for a circumnavigation of Children's Island and orientation for new campers.  We hopped on board as my daughter will be there for a session this Summer and enjoyed perfect conditions. Normally, we would have docked for a walk around the island but the dock was not yet operational for the season so, instead, we were treated to this view of the back of Children's Island.  I had never seen it from this vantage point and tried to capture the full length of the island.  The subtle clouds forming a diagonal in the [...]

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Chandler Hovey Park and Children’s Island

An image from mid-February captured as I headed out in search of the full moon and ended up with a really nice winter sunset as a bonus.  I had been shooting wide angle shots encompassing the nearly empty harbor with the few working boats moored in its protective waters when I saw this composition.  I zoomed in so that Chandler Hovey Park and Marblehead Light were visible under the soft pink hues of sunset while including the whole of Children's Island just beyond. The setting sun added a brilliant warm glow to the scene and the snow served to break [...]

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Of Sailboats, Landmarks and Marblehead Harbor seen from Children’s Island

At the end of July, we went out to Children's Island where my son was spending two weeks at camp.  I shared an image taken from aboard the Hannah Glover previously but had kept this one taken from the island.  As we were getting ready to leave Children's Island, I noted these three sailboats moored in the mouth of the island's harbor with Marblehead lighthouse and Abbot Hall visible in the distance under great clouds.  I positioned myself such that each landmark fell within the triangular lines of the two sailboats and clicked the shutter when I felt the sailboat [...]

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The Little Boys and Girls’ Rooms

Experimental Friday heads out to Childrens Island and this image from October of last year.  I think the colors first drew me to this scene and the rotting wood at the base of the doors as well as the hand painted BOYS and GIRLS signs led me to take the picture.  But what really kept me looking was the small handprint seen on the window on the girls' side.  It just leaves you wondering...

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Double Rainbow over Children’s Island

We had a great lightning storm pass through town on Saturday night during which I captured a number of bolts over the harbor (click to view).  Immediately after the show, I raced home to avoid the brunt of the rain and wind.  As the storm wound down, I noted the sun dropping below the clouds and thought I would try to push my luck and hunt for rainbows.  As I drove toward the causeway, I saw one off Devereux beach and quickly stopped to grab some shots.  It was small and I resigned myself that I had missed my chance [...]

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The Snow Moon rises over Childrens Island

With each new full moon, I have been trying to find a unique vantage point from which to shoot it.  The last one, the Wolf Moon, proved tricky as it came up quite a bit after sunset making for difficult shooting conditions.  The Snow Moon cooperated in regards to time of rise but some low lying clouds threw a wrench in my plans. Starting at 4 pm, I made my way around town scouting out locations from which to shoot the moon rise.  I contemplated and dismissed four different spots before deciding to head up to Fort Sewall for the [...]

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Sailing Under the Rainbow

In early June 2010, I had gone to Fort Sewall in the hopes of shooting the sailboats as they got into the harbor.  Initially, I was quite disappointed as the heavy cloud cover made for very flat light.  At around 6pm, a storm developed just past Childrens Island.  The boats were really moving in the winds that came with the sudden inclement weather. Just as the storm passed and the boats moved across Childrens Island, the sun finally popped through the cloud cover.  With the heavy rain that you see in the background and the setting sunset light, an incredibly [...]

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This is Children’s Island

There was so much to explore on Children's Island during the Fall Festival in October.  When all was said and done, we boarded the Hannah Glover for the return trip and the photographer in me was jumping up and down at seeing these clouds develop.  They provided for a very dramatic mood looking back toward the island and, even more so, as we returned to the mainland.  If you look closely at the top photo you can just make out the Jolly Roger flag and pirate boat that have been painted on the rocks.  They seem to be the unofficial [...]

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Arts and Crafts at Children’s Island

After a donut and hot apple cider enjoyed inside the arts and crafts building, I looked back toward town and noted the open windows with their contrasting colors.  The red, white and blue paint on the weathered wood made for a great scene as did the few open windows on that cold Fall day.  I shot this at a very large aperture (f/2.8) to minimize the depth of field and focused on the nearest open door.  Between that and the contrasts of color and wood, I think the photo speaks to the character of the structures on Children's Island.

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Welcome to Children’s Island

On October 22nd, the YMCA held a Fall festival on Children's Island.  I grabbed the kids and my camera and made my way to The Landing where the Hannah Glover ship ferried us over.  There were games to be played, hay rides to take and a great island to explore.  We made our way over to the Arts and Crafts cabin for a bit of hot cider, donuts and painting.  While looking around, I noted this sign that seemed to provide a perfect way to capture the spirit of the island. I'll have more from Children's Island this week and [...]

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