Taking it All In

So this weekend, I had the chance to sit down and finish working on images from the night of June 15th when two storms split around Marblehead and created amazing light. Turns out I had come away with a very high 'keeper' total of 18 images (including two awesome panoramas). I had planned to share all of my keepers from this night to show how a change in lens, composition and/or light can transform a scene and make each shot new and different but 18 is a LOT of images from one night. I think I'll just share images this [...]

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Blue Clouds Washing over Childrens

So shortly after taking yesterday's image at 7:27pm, I noticed these incredible blue clouds near the horizon that seem to be washing over Children's Island. I had my favorite landscape lens (a 24-105mm f/4) on the camera but couldn't quite get the reach I wanted to focus on the clouds so I did a quick change to my much longer 100-400mm lens. With that I zoomed in and composed a shot to highlight the blue clouds with boats moored near the mouth of the harbor. I couldn't help but play with the zoom and compositions and, when I zoomed out, [...]

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Under the Gathering Clouds

Last night's storm brought to mind this outing in mid-August when gathering clouds made the sky nearly as interesting as the harbor. I had arrived at Riverhead Beach just as a storm approached and shot a few frames before heading out for other locations and lucked out with a great sunset and rainbow at Castle Rock. Here I decided to include more of the sky than the harbor but love that I could fit both Abbot Hall and Marblehead Light in the composition.

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Fractured Clouds over Tinkers

On Wednesday night, I headed to Riverhead Beach as a storm approached Marblehead. I started off shooting the harbor at low tide but kept looking over my shoulder at dark storm clouds over Tinkers Island and the interesting tendrils underneath. I did some research after returning home and discovered these are called stratus fractus for their fractured appearance. The contrast between the dark clouds and dark ocean separated by the waning light of day behind Tinkers Island impressed me while standing on the causeway and was fun to process when I returned home.

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Gold Coast, Marblehead

Hard to believe that it was one month ago when I captured the best light of the summer at Devereux Beach. This was the night that I caught a full rainbow over the causeway and thought that would be the peak of light only to discover this incredible view of the Gold Coast on the shores of Devereux Beach twenty minutes later. This is the sixth image I will have shared from the hour spent running back and forth between the causeway and beach on June 24, 2020. I shot these two clouds from various angles and with differing compositions [...]

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Lighting up the Clouds

Last Wednesday proved to be quite the outing and it began with a trip to Chandler Hovey Park in the hopes of capturing an oncoming storm. Before that storm would arrive, I spotted huge cumulus clouds behind Marblehead Light and grabbed this shot of the lighthouse backed by the intricate detail and patterns. The oncoming storm was a bust but the sunset more than made up for it.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Tinkers

This may well be the single worst title I have every come up with for a post in the nearly 10 years of Wednesdays in Marblehead. I'm not sure if it's the quarantine or the fact that no one could tell me what type of clouds these were (stratocumulus???). In any event, if you audibly groaned at the title, you have my apologies. What's a bit more interesting is that I've held off posting this shot since I captured it on May 12, 2015. I looked back to its spot in my catalogue and immediately remembered the night from the [...]

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Painted with Clouds

While looking for an image to share this morning, I had the evening news on and kept hearing talk of rain in the forecast. That may be why my eye was drawn to this image of clouds over the harbor on a mid-May evening. The sky appears to have been painted with clouds as the textures don't seem natural on close inspection. In other news, I spent this weekend working on my Marblehead 2020 calendar. I decided to include three images of the Fort Sewall tree in addition to some favorite images to represent each month captured over the past [...]

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Cloudy Evening at Parker Lane

Parker Lane might just be my favorite public way in all of Marblehead and yet it has been punished by acts of nature and man in the past year. The stairs leading to the beach below are gone with the platform still evident but separated by a broken wall. Further up the road, a car accident has taken down the road sign and done damage to the walls of one of the homes along this lane. Still, this was my destination on Wednesday, May 15th as I chased the sunset from an initial few shots on Riverhead Beach across the [...]

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Mid-Harbor Showers

Another impromptu outing last night as I returned home from my son's baseball game in Swampscott and then watched the sky fill with color as I walked the dog around the block. I returned home with him and then ran out and across the causeway where I spotted rain showers situated mid-harbor and perfectly centered between St. Michael's and Old North Church. I shot frame after frame as a few clouds overhead turned pink from the light of the setting sun and was thrilled with this image. It's not often that I shoot this mid-harbor view as I tend to [...]

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