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Sunset Sky over Fort Beach

Thank goodness for good friends and last minute plans or else I would have missed the incredible sunset sky over Fort Beach that erupted last night... I had come home from work just before 6 and touched base with friends who invited me to join them at Crocker Park to take in the Festival of Arts music while eating dinner. My wife and kids are off in Chicago so I was thankful for the invite and a chance to relax outside with good company - Thanks Mabrys!!! I picked up some Howling Wolf and then headed to Crocker where I [...]

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Rain Cloud at Sunset

The thunderstorms that passed through on Sunday night put me in mind of late July evening in 2015 when my family and I returned from dinner to find that a storm had just passed through town. We drove across Lafayette just before sunset and I spotted this incredible cloud formation in the distance. I convinced my family to join me and considered myself lucky for having the forethought to put my camera gear in the trunk. We ended up chasing the light to Front Street where I jumped out to capture the rain cloud at sunset appearing to drench Marblehead [...]

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Clouds in the Sky and Boats in the Water

In September 2013, I had spotted an impressive cloud forming overhead and raced out to the causeway from where I was able to capture the cumulonimbus cloud over a Marblehead harbor packed full with boats. It had been my goal to capture images of Marblehead outside of the golden hours of sunrise and sunset and I was pretty happy with how this image came out. I decided to get ahead of the cloud by driving up to Chandler Hovey Park and, as I arrived, the sky had taken a turn for the worse. I looked up at the darkening sky [...]

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Summer Sunsets in Marblehead

Last night as I walked the dog with my wife around our neighborhood, I watched the sky fill with color. I was too late to capture it from an ideal spot so I simply enjoyed the light in the evening sky and began to look forward to summer sunsets in Marblehead. That led me to this not yet published image from late June. With a harbor filled with boats, Abbot Hall punctuating the skyline and incredible light under a dramatic sky, Marblehead is a great spot to take in those summer sunsets.

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The Start of a March Sunset

Two years ago yesterday, I headed across the causeway to Marblehead Neck on a mild mid-March evening and captured an incredibly long sunset. I haven't had the chance to share many images from that evening so I thought I would try to do that this week beginning with this start of a March sunset.  The clarity across the water was incredible at 6:00pm when I started shooting.

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Weathered by Time

I captured today's image at the end of June but have been staring at the color version of it for a while wondering why I hadn't bothered to share it.  Last week, as I converted another image to black and white, I decided to do the same with this image of a tree weathered by time and flanked by benches on Chandler Hovey Park.  The black and white served to accentuate the textures in the tree, bench and sky while helping with the too bright light of this pre-sunset image.

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Sunset at Chandler Hovey – this view never gets old

As this site has continued, I have found myself with fewer opportunities to capture scenes of Marblehead on any given Wednesday.  Instead, I head out when the light is right at sunrise, sunset or, on occasion, in mid-day on a day off from work.  Yesterday, seemed like it would turn into another grey day with little to offer until the clouds started to break up near sunset and I grabbed my gear and headed out to Marblehead Neck. I looked over my shoulder as I drove across the causeway and stopped at a few spots on the Neck before heading towards [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #9 – Clear View Across the Harbor

Today's image was taken on March 18 and shot up to #9 on my Top 10 of 2016 list for its perfect sky and incredible clarity.  I went out on this evening chasing the textured sky and hoping for a strong sunset but was struck by the clarify of the houses lining Marblehead Harbor when viewed from across the water at the Pleon pier.

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